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Hands-Off Property Investment: Getting to Know the Benefits

Demand for buy to let properties has increased quite exponentially. There are even reports that UK landlords own properties that are worth £1 trillion. With this figure, many are wondering what are the things that they can do which will help them establish a really successful empire out of their buy to let investments.

An important concern that needs to be covered when deciding on investing in property is whether it is going to be a hands-off or a hands on one. Of course, it is always vital to base any decision on the situation that you know is going to suit you best. However, if you are hoping for an investment that is going to generate you the income you need while at the same time is going to be stress-free, it is worth considering the hands-off approach.

Less hassle

One of the most common gripes that people gave when it comes to hands on property is that there are often unpredictable problems that tend to be unavoidable too that are involved in property management. A landlord that is going to operate hand-on can expect temperamental boilers, broken down appliances, and even phone calls late at night. A lot of investors often fail to take this into account when they decide to make an investment. Having tenants rely on you can become quite overwhelming.

With hands-off investment, you get to enjoy the fruits of property investment minus the pressure attached to managing. Having a letting agent do the job means that investors are going to get away with the negatives and will instead just deal with the positives of the investment ploy instead.

More time

Owning a property where you are going to have to do the management yourself can take quite a lot of time. In fact, it may actually become a full time job. This is not a setup that many investors might find ideal especially if they already have their own careers and other projects outside of the investment niche. Letting agents will have the necessary network of people that can be asked to assist him in addressing many of the tenant concerns in your property. They do regular inspections too which basically makes life easier for you, the owner.

Portfolio build-up

Not having to deal with the things involved in running a property means that you will have more freedom to explore other opportunities for property investment that may lead to more income. Landlords that are hands-off enjoy the benefits of an investment that is low maintenance and low risk that will allow him to have an easier time building his portfolio.

Focus more on profit

Investments that are hands-off are presently in high demand. It is achievable to enjoy high yields too. At the same time, there is instant equity that can be enjoyed once the property has been attained. This results in regular cash flow.

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Student Property Sector is Set to Continue Growth in 2018

Student accommodation will likely retain its upward track for property investment next year. New research reveals that for this year alone, the sector has achieved a record-breaking 30,000 bed spaces extended to the student sector.

These details reveal that the supply of studio rooms has experienced a surge since 2014 as it has doubled since. About 97% of this supply is extended by the private sector for this year based on the data gathered by Cushman and Wakefield.

The rise encompasses a total of 602,000 spaces that were purposely built. The overall rents on a per bed space basis have also seen an increase of 2.9% for school years 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 – a figure that is above the 2.7% figure that was achieved in the previous year.

This shows that the market for student accommodation has indeed experienced sustained health as a whole. Of course, there are some significant variations across the country based on sector and type. For instance, Manchester has the largest population of students outside of London. Here, annual rental for studios increased by a total of 5%. This is despite the fact that there has been an increase of 61% on the number of available studio beds as a result of the tight development restrictions. Meanwhile, in Glasgow, there has been an increase in studio beds by 29% while its annual rents have decreased by a total of 2%.

The private sector has remained as the most expensive type of accommodation in the market. The annual average for rental rates in this sector is at 21% more expensive than those accommodations that are managed by universities. The sector also happens to dominate new development supply. It has delivered a total of 87% of all the new beds that were delivered for the school year 2017-2018. Still, the record for providing the most number of bed space is still held by universities at 57%. All in all, 56% of the market is represented by en-suite bed spaces while 12% is accounted for by studios.

According to Cushman and Wakefield’s advisory associate, David Feeney, it is quite encouraging to see that the market for student accommodation has continued to flourish all this time. This is despite the concerns of the aftermath of the EU referendum as well as the impact of tuition fees to the number of students motivated to go to universities.

He further stated that there is a great opportunity for developers to successfully meet the clamour for accommodations that are more affordable and ones that will provide rooms that are considered as en-suite or standard for students. Value will increasingly become the driving force behind the students’ preferences in terms of their accommodation.

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Owning property in Thailand: Phuket Real Estate Investment advises

Issues to consider before purchasing Phuket land and Phuket condos for sale
Are you interested in purchasing Phuket land for sale, or are you tempted to invest in one of the many tempting Phuket condos for sale ? Phuket Real Estate Investment can advise on different aspects of owning property in Thailand that are of particular relevance to foreign potential purchasers.

When considering buying Phuket condos for sale or indeed any other property in Phuket, the first thing to do is to obtain clear information about Thai laws on owning property in Thailand. For example, although foreigners are not allowed to own land, they can own buildings distinct from the land, such as condominiums or villas. [Read the rest of this entry…]

6 Ways to Find a Cost Effective Carpet Cleaning Company in London

If you are looking for carpet cleaners then one of the main things you’ll want to make sure of is that you get a cost-effective deal. After all no one wants to pay extortionate prices for carpet cleaning London services, no matter how good the service might be. So to help you get the best deal on cleaning services we’ve put together five handy hints to help you find cost-effective carpet cleaning.

Shop around – never settle for the first cleaning company you see, no matter how good their prices may seem at first. It’s always worth shopping around to find the very best deal. There are a lot of different services offering to clean carpets locally so take some time to do the research and find the one that really offers the best price in London.

Leverage the competition – with so many different carpet cleaning companies in London, every service will be vying for customers, so make the most of this. Leverage the offer you get from one company to see if you can get it cheaper elsewhere. Often companies will compete against each other and many will offer price matching cleaning services, with a little extra on top to seal the deal, so the best price you find might be knocked down if you tell them what else you’ve found or threaten to go elsewhere.

Don’t confuse cheapness for value – sometimes you will find an unbelievably low price, and suddenly think you’re on to a winner. But be careful when it comes to ultra cheap deal on carpet cleaning, because they are often too good to be true. Although one company may be offering to do a carpet clean for a crazy low price, if they then charge more on top for extra bits and bobs, or simply do such a rubbish job that you have to get it done again, you’ll end up spending way more. So make sure you’re not confusing cheap for value.

Negotiate a good price

If you need your upholstery cleaned as well you can ask the company if they can offer you a package deal. You will use two services so you can ask for a discount or a lower carpet cleaning price.

Be willing to barter – a lot of people won’t barter on price because the idea makes them uncomfortable, but you’d be amazed at what discounts local cleaners will offer just because you ask. This can be especially effective if you have a need for a range of carpet cleaning services as you can normally get away with asking for discounts on multi-service projects. This may be especially true for local companies who have the flexibility to offer discounts to new London customers.

Take advantage of special offers and discounts – even if you’re not comfortable with the idea of actually asking for discounts on your carpet cleaning, you can still make it more cost-effective by just striking while the iron is hot, and taking advantage of any special offers and discounts available. But don’t get sucked into choosing a company in London for this reason alone as they may not necessarily be the cheapest option. So utilise special offers when they are available but don’t get fooled into thinking it’s always the cheapest option, and always make sure to do the research beforehand.


You can always try the DIY option and clean your carpets on your own but this is not always the cheapest or best option. If you have never done this before you can damage your carpet or cause discolouration. This can be a costly mistake. You need to prepare for the process before approaching the task. You need to buy cleaning agents and tools and get to know different cleaning techniques. This can cost you money and time not to mention hard work. You can save yourself the stress and hire a cost-effective cleaning service. The pros will deliver outstanding results and you will have plenty of free time to spend on doing something you truly enjoy.


Garden Landscaping Using A 3-Row Design

Landscaping your home can be a whole lot of fun. If you have a creative mind and enjoy spending time outdoors, this hobby will bring you a lot of satisfaction. When visitors come to your house, one of the first things people notice when they arrive at your house is the outdoor space. When you spend the time to arrange shrubs, bushes, and flowers, your garden will become more attractive and appealing as far as the overall look of your home. When a garden is designed well, it can become the talk of your neighborhood. An eye-catching garden that is well-designed will also make your house stand out from all the others in your neighborhood.

In order to get started, you must get an idea of which plants you want to place in your landscaped space. This can be done by simply making a drawing of how you want your garden to look like once it is finished. Making a sketch of your garden ahead of time will avoid mistakes such as having shorter plants hidden behind taller ones. Landscaping projects turn out to be a lot more successful when you have a clear picture of the look you want to achieve. However, the overall look will largely depend on the types of plants and flowers you want to include in your garden.

It is recommended that you design a 3-layer plan for your garden if you want a great-looking one while keeping the design fairly simple. The rule of thumb is to place taller plants and flowers at the back. The reason for this is so the garden slopes towards the front, rather than away from you. If possible, make sure that your plants on the back row face the north. [Read the rest of this entry…]

What Renters Want in 2017

Like it or not the rental industry is competitive. Whether you’re a property manager or a landlord you need to understand that finding the right tenants means being above the competition. Experienced property developer Tim Manning suggest that offering unique aspects to the lifestyle of the residents you’re seeking will provide you with the right inventory to attract ideal people.

The renter demographic is changing, as generations age they become more likely to purchase their own homes and therefore stop renting. With the next generation comes different desires and requirements from housing. Property owners need to adapt to the changing market, marketing desirable aspects in the right way.

[Read the rest of this entry…]

3 Ways to Save a Deposit

The idea of owning a property, though highly appealing, is often daunting when one considers the amount of money that goes into a down payment. Like most people, once you’ve paid the bills, brought your groceries, paid rent and saved whatever you can for recreational activities, you may not have much left over to put into your property fund. Don’t let this discourage you from your dreams of owning your own home. Experienced property developer Tim Manning recommends that there are some steps that you can take to maximise your probability of saving enough to make a deposit on a home. Here are 3 simple ways you can put yourself in the best financial position to break into the property market:

  1. Pay off your debts

It seems strange to think about, paying off your debt in order to borrow more money. But credit card debt and other loans are all what you would consider “bad debt”. A mortgage on the other hand goes towards your assets and will benefit you further in the long run. In order to place yourself in a good position to save you first need to priorities paying off your existing debt. It’s impossible to save if you already owe money. [Read the rest of this entry…]

Are You Moving To Another House? Follow These Tips To Get The Cheapest Quote!

If you’re moving to another house, it can be very frustrating. The costs can be high for moving and when you have so much on your mind, the associated cost for your move is just another added frustration!

We’ve come up with some helpful tips on how you can get the cheapest move.
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While it is everyone’s wish to live in luxury with having a luxury home being a dream come true, many people are unable to acquire a luxury home. The reason for this is not far-fetched – people look at the wrong places for their wishes. In this case, getting a luxury home is actually not as expensive or difficult as many people think and it only takes looking at the right places.


Homeadverts.com is the ultimate solution to this problem. The site has been designed to bring buyers and sellers together in order to reach agreements without going to the unncessary stress involved in getting houses the “traditional way”.

It is a platform that has hundreds of real estate agents from over 60 countries worldwide, allowing persons looking for luxury the comfort of gettig their choice place of abode from their homes regardless of their location across the globe.


The site does not just showcase homes from the different parts of the world; it showcases homes from trusted and reliable real estate agents, meaning the luxury home seekers can be guaranteed of getting their luxury homes.

Another excellent feature of being a part of this platform is the opportunity it affords homeseekers to get the latest news and updates as regards the real estate industry across the globe, thanks to the peroidic newsletters sent weekly to subscribers.

You also get notifications and alerts for new listings on the market. With home adverts, it is a complete real estate experience for home buyers and sellers.

In 80 seconds, you get a complete tour of the world of real estate from across the globe and all you need is an account, which could either be a single account or multiple accounts depending on the preference of the subscriber. The site can be easily assessed using any device – a computer system or even your mobile device, connected to the internet.

Best Online Guide For Real Estate Agents

Brokers around the world are hiring new agents as the market is now at its best peak. Unlike any other line of business, real estate is a true hustle. Real estate agents are ‘active’ by a brokerage, but ultimately need to work for themselves. They have their own list of clients. Knowing what to say and when to say it can get an agent that much needed listing. Its important for real estate agents to focus on some key factors this year.


Most real estate agents have been meeting people on the spot and they don’t focus too much on technology. With the world rapidly changing and developing in what has become todays internet era, we need to at least try to keep up with everyone! An online appearance is now almost as important as a real physical appearance. The virtual world is now the new reliable source. Billions of individuals get out their computers or phones and what they do is search the web on a daily basis. Real estate agents need to learn how to stand out out the web.The first way would be through a descent website. This will ensure that you have everything that you want to show your visitor. Having a great web site can also lead a real estate agent to new leads and gaining some trust in the virtual world, which is something important to do during these times. Make sure that your website features all your social media icons so a visitor can keep up with you online. A website can also be great to post on social networks and interact there with your clients. Real estate agents are trying very hard all over the world, following ignite systems and doing all that they can to promote themselves. Get ahold of technology and you will be at your best in this era!

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