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The history of Parker Knoll furniture

Parker Knoll furniture was founded in 1931 by Frederick Parker, an English furniture maker, and Willi Knoll, a German inventor. Frederick Parker was born and raised into the world of furniture. He learned his trade as an apprentice in his father’s furniture factory in Shoreditch, before moving to High Wycombe, a historic centre of the […]

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The Benefits of having Stratton Exteriors’ energy efficient windows

It may be common knowledge that choosing energy-efficient windows will save you money on your heating and cooling bills. Unfortunately, it can come as a surprise that the initial investment is often a bit higher than people expect. It is higher than standard windows. Energy Star certified windows can reduce home energy costs by 7-15 […]

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How to Compare Different Australian Home Loan Rates

If you are considering taking a home loan, there are certain factors you should consider before opting for loan. The first and foremost of it being is the home loan rates. In a recent update, the National Australian Bank estimated that the demand for mortgages in Australia will remain the same even as the house […]

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