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French Furniture – Stylish and Trendy Furniture

1. French Furniture

French Furniture is being used for several centuries. It is being considered as status symbols because it was only affordable by the aristocrats of the society. Once its popularity starts emerging in the world everybody became keen to adorn his house with French Furniture. The skilled craftsmen make French Furniture with ultimate perfection. The designs that are being crafted on French Furniture include lots of detailing. It requires expertise and experience. These attributes makes French Furniture famous and worthy. [Read the rest of this entry…]

Buying Your First Home

After you get married and begin the process of starting a family, you’ll want to consider buying your first home. Buying a home rather than paying rent each month is great because you are actually investing in something that can earn you money in the long run; or at the very least allow you to break even. When you are ready to start thinking about buying your first home, there are many things you’ll need to consider. Most people focus on the size of the rooms and the color of the siding, but there are many things that you need to take into account before you decide on a final location.


Since you are probably looking to buy a home to start a family, you’ll want to do some research on the local schools to see how they stack up against other districts. If the school in your neighborhood ranks well, it is a good sign that this will be a nice place to raise children. Additionally, you should make sure that you’re near a good park and that there is a public library in the town or city you choose so your children will have access to research and play.

Local Laws

Another thing you’ll want to check on is the local laws. For instance, you’ll want to know what the ordinance for noise is so you can avoid being woken up at 11pm by loud music next door. Furthermore, certain items such as sparklers aren’t allowed in specific areas, and you may even need to have a permit to have a fire in your backyard. By knowing the local laws, you will know exactly what to expect while living in that neighborhood. [Read the rest of this entry…]

Increase the Value of Your Home

Want to quickly increase the value of your home? Install some hardwood floors throughout the house. Hardwood floors are elegant, classic, and timeless – I seriously can’t think of anyone who doesn’t absolutely love them. And when you’re in the real estate business, you can believe that having them in your home can greatly incase the value of your property. [Read the rest of this entry…]

Handmade oriental rugs

The handmade Oriental rugs are long known for their royal looks and presidential appearances. As the name suggests the handmade Oriental rugs are brought into the world by the oriental world which includes: China & Vietnam in the East to Turkey – Maghreb countries – the Caucasus in the north – Cyprus and Iran in the west & India in the south. The handmade Oriental rugs come with a great history of struggle, sustenance and indulgence. For few the handmade oriental rugs were the sign of their hard work and for some it was the representation of their class.


Even on today these handmade Oriental rugs are made with extreme caution and diligence. Every single piece is either knotted with pile or woven without pile, individually, which assures the buyer of its uniqueness and preciousness. There are various kinds of handmade Oriental rugs available in the oriental countries markets, like Persian rugs, Arabian rugs, Anatolian rugs, Kurdish rugs, Caucasian rugs, Central Asian rugs, Turkestanian rugs (Turkmen, Turkoman), Chinese rugs, Tibetan rugs, Indian rugs.

All these kinds of handmade Oriental rugs are pristine in their own special ways. They all come with different designs and colors and each color symbolizing something or the other, for instance red is the color of happiness and joy while white is for bringing harmony and peace. On the similar note the handmade Oriental rugs either animals or plants patters crafted on them, with each signifying an important message.

These rugs are available in all shapes, sizes and prices, so you can choose according to your needs.

The history of Parker Knoll furniture

Parker Knoll furniture was founded in 1931 by Frederick Parker, an English furniture maker, and Willi Knoll, a German inventor.

Frederick Parker was born and raised into the world of furniture. He learned his trade as an apprentice in his father’s furniture factory in Shoreditch, before moving to High Wycombe, a historic centre of the furniture trade, and choosing to focus on making high quality handmade furniture. His work graced ocean liners, royal yachts, viceroy’s houses and even an emperors throne. His son would follow in his footsteps, also becoming a furniture maker and later taking over his father’s company.


Willi Knoll on the other hand had no background in furniture. He was a fighter pilot in World War 1, but it was the seat of his fighter plane and the sheer uncomfortableness of it that would bring him into furniture. After the war he worked on a sprung seat design, and came to the UK in order to try and find a commercial maker for his sprung chairs.

It was Frederick Parkers son, Tom, who recognised the ingenuity and utility of Willi Knoll’s design and introduced him to his father. Frederick Parker agreed, and the two joined together to found Parker Knoll furniture.

While previously Frederick Parker had focused on high quality handmade furniture, the new Parker Knoll furniture was most suited for mass production for the general market, and a very successful marketing campaign in the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph for their low price tension sprung furniture soon followed. A dedicated factory was built for Parker Knoll furniture in High Wycombe, which sadly burned to the ground in a fire in 1970. Parker Knoll furniture had opened a number of other factories before the fire, and manufacturing continued, with the company now being based in Riddings in Derbyshire.

Parker Knoll furniture turned its expertise to manufacturing A-frames, wooden boxes, wings for the de Havilland mosquito and repairing gliders during the Second World War, with the company only returning to manufacturing furniture after the end of the war.

During the 1960s Parker Knoll furniture became known for its reclining chairs, which were soon a signature item for the line, and became popular enough to open a second factory in Chipping Norton, fortuitous given the loss of their main High Wycombe factory in 1970.

The company has remained strong, with only a small hiccup in 2005 where it was purchased by Christie-Tyler but within months Christie-Tyler had collapsed into administration. Parker Knoll furniture was snapped up quickly by Sofa Brands International who made possible both the move to Riddings and refocusing the company back to its roots of high quality design.

Today, Parker Knoll furniture is the byword for quality, design and style, and all designed and manufactured in the UK. It has a timeless elegance that is sure to grace any home, and is a worthy addition to any room, whether your home is a flat or a palace.

The Benefits of having Stratton Exteriors’ energy efficient windows

It may be common knowledge that choosing energy-efficient windows will save you money on your heating and cooling bills. Unfortunately, it can come as a surprise that the initial investment is often a bit higher than people expect. It is higher than standard windows. Energy Star certified windows can reduce home energy costs by 7-15 percent, but this only happens a few years after you buy the windows and the difference between the lower bills and the higher cost of the windows balances out. Initial savings may not be the best reason to choose energy-efficient windows, but luckily there are many other benefits to get rid of old, leaky windows and install new windows with energy saving characteristics. All these benefit make it worthless to replace your windows with anything but energy-efficient choices.

We at Stratton Exteriors recommend all our customers make an investment in low-emissive (low-E), double-hung, argon gas filled window replacements. They do cost approximately 10% more than regu006Car windows, but the benefits are many. The brand we most recommend is Alside Excalibur Fusion-Welded Vinyl Windows, which are favored by our Nashville clients. The benefits of these windows may not be apparent to the general public and they might feel reticent to pay more for them. The first thing to understand is this: energy-efficient windows usually pay for themselves within four years, which is much longer than they’ll last. After those initial years, you will be keeping more money in your pocket every month when the energy bill comes due.


Great Benefits to Home Exterior Appearance: Old windows with peeling, cracking frames can make a house look a lot older and more run down than it really is. Buying and installing new, energy-efficient windows not only increases the overall value, but makes your home look fresh and up to date too. Our Alside Exterior windows come in a range of colors to match your exterior.

Does Block Heat But Not Light: Low-E windows are coated with a special treatment of invisible metallic oxide or metal. This material allows all the light to come through the window so your home is bright and cheery, but blocks the damaging rays that will fade window treatments. It also reflects heat very efficiently.

Warmer Surface:Double-paned windows are warmer to the touch than old single pane varieties. This is partly due to the multiple layers, but also because of the non-toxic, odor-free gas called argon which fills the space between the panes. This noble gas is heavier than air, which increases its insulating capabilities.

Cleaning is a Breeze: Save your own energy on cleaning double-hung windows that tilt in so you can access both sides without needing to remove the screens or climb ladders.

Environmentally Friendly: Installing energy-smart windows reduces your family’s carbon footprint in many ways. Not only will you save energy and money on home heating bills, but the benefits translate to less pollution from power plants too.

Receive Tax Credits: Visit EnergyStar.gov to learn about generous benefits you may get for installing energy-saving skylights and windows in your home. Owners can get a 10% tax credit for windows (up to $200) and doors (up to $500).

How to Compare Different Australian Home Loan Rates

If you are considering taking a home loan, there are certain factors you should consider before opting for loan. The first and foremost of it being is the home loan rates. In a recent update, the National Australian Bank estimated that the demand for mortgages in Australia will remain the same even as the house prices grow consistently. The bank’s head told the press that the price growth will probably settle at 2-3% per year. If the real estate market is changing like this, so are the home loan rates.

first-home-buyer_first-home-loansAustralian market has offers varied types of home loans for enthusiastic buyers. Rates of these home loans keep changing from time to time depending on the market condition. For instance, comparison rate as of June 27, 2014 is ranging from 4.71% to 6.17% among the top 5 private firms and banks. The rates can be calculated mainly based on three factors: loan type, loan purpose and loan duration.

As a buyer, you should conduct a thorough market research to know about the latest trends, different rates, different types of loans available and variations in all these. The following are different types of loans:

  1. Traditional purchase mortgage Loans

  2. Refinance loans

  3. Second mortgage Loans

  4. Fixed and Variable interest rate loans

  5. Building & Construction Loans

  6. Honeymoon and Introductory Loans

  7. Split Loans

  8. Low Documentation Loans

  9. Line of Credit or Home Equity Loans

A buyer must carefully weigh and decide which type of loan suits him/her from the above list. Not only should you consider the changes in rates, but also the various features associated with each of them. Now you must be wondering how to calculate the loan rates. That is also made easy through various lenders now-a-days.

Home Loan Calculators and How to Use Them:

Any basic loan calculator should have the aforementioned three variables in it (type, purpose and duration). You can be either a home buyer or an investor interested in home loan rates. There are a lot of online tools in the market which help you for a better loan search. Also there are expert dealers who reach out audience through their company websites. These sites offer you a great deal of information through means like free PDFs, DIY rate comparisons and personalized services. The services these companies offer are very flexible and fit to any requirements of their customers. Various companies allow users to compare and calculate home loans using different home loan calculators.

A Safe to Protect Your Home Valuables

A big part of selling real estate is protection: the idea of safety. The day will come when you will depart from a home you have lived in for quite some time. The boxes stack neatly on top of one another like pancakes, ready to be easily stored in a truck. [Read the rest of this entry…]

Things to do Before Selling Your House

The open house date is coming up on the calendar as you look at the red “x” on each date leading to it. There are some things that need to be done, so pull up a checklist to get the home sold and buy a new one. The first to do is to get rid of any clutter that’s your belongings. [Read the rest of this entry…]

What I Use to Clean Up for an Open House

Selling homes in this market can be quite difficult during an economic quagmire. Many home owners have lost homes to foreclosure, and are moving back with older relatives, renting, or the unfortunate of living on the streets. It’s important to have a clean home if you’re going to sell it – the windows shine, the siding is pristine, the bricks appear brand new, as the lawn is perfectly cut. [Read the rest of this entry…]

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