British homeowners had for the 90s and the first few years of the new century felt entitled to smugly tell all and anyone within earshot about how their homes were forever increasing in value and then recession brought silence to many a dinner table when the subject was brought up. These hard few years have also made it almost unthinkable for people to sell their properties at a time when the value was so low but the slightly brighter forecasts for the future are tempting many people to consider selling their homes, either to resolve financial issues or to move themselves up the property ladder. With this in mind, here are some ways to increase the value of a property and to increase the chance that people will put pen to paper and buy your property.


This space is the most important one in the property for most people as they go about their daily lives, and the same is true for the home’s saleability. Experts say that if people have only enough money to focus on one room, they should choose the kitchen. This does not mean ripping out appliances and cupboards and starting again, but a weekend spent thoroughly cleaning this space will have a real bearing on the happiness of prospective buyers.

Spring Clean

We may not realize this on a day to day basis but most people would be fairly unimpressed with our homes if they saw them as they really are. And while it is advisable to repaint and redecorate rooms so that they look fresh for prospective buyers, those on a budget can instead opt to clean and tidy rooms thoroughly. The watchword is minimalistic and so it is prudent to keep all clutter and so forth hidden away since this will better allow prospective buyers to imagine what the house would look like with them living there.


Salesmen are very persuasive when it comes to this feature, which reduces energy bills, security, damp and noise pollution and which will also increase the value of your home as a result. This is a big expenditure however and it is only right for homes that experience more than their fair share of cold weather since in the summer, double-glazing does more harm than good. It is also important to realize that all the double-glazing units on the market are basically the same but that the larger, national companies will sell them far dearer than smaller companies and so shopping around is advisable.

Loft Conversions

Many a child has grown up with weekends filled with the sounds of hammering of nails and swearing after hammers hit nails as valiant father attempted to board their lofts. And while many grew up with the principle of never attempting to follow the folly of their fathers here, the fact is that a loft conversion is considered the best way to increase the value of a property. And, with professional companies, like Best Cellars NW, on hand, this work can be finished with considerable less stress and any money spent here will be returned on handover day of the property.

Author Bio

The author moved house and country on a yearly basis as a child and the buyer-ensnaring baked bread and fresh coffee smells were a regular occurrence – bread and coffee were never freshly made during normal life. With coffee in hand and bread in the basket, the author has been blogging on housing issues for the last 4 years.