If you are looking for carpet cleaners then one of the main things you’ll want to make sure of is that you get a cost-effective deal. After all no one wants to pay extortionate prices for carpet cleaning London services, no matter how good the service might be. So to help you get the best deal on cleaning services we’ve put together five handy hints to help you find cost-effective carpet cleaning.

Shop around – never settle for the first cleaning company you see, no matter how good their prices may seem at first. It’s always worth shopping around to find the very best deal. There are a lot of different services offering to clean carpets locally so take some time to do the research and find the one that really offers the best price in London.

Leverage the competition – with so many different carpet cleaning companies in London, every service will be vying for customers, so make the most of this. Leverage the offer you get from one company to see if you can get it cheaper elsewhere. Often companies will compete against each other and many will offer price matching cleaning services, with a little extra on top to seal the deal, so the best price you find might be knocked down if you tell them what else you’ve found or threaten to go elsewhere.

Don’t confuse cheapness for value – sometimes you will find an unbelievably low price, and suddenly think you’re on to a winner. But be careful when it comes to ultra cheap deal on carpet cleaning, because they are often too good to be true. Although one company may be offering to do a carpet clean for a crazy low price, if they then charge more on top for extra bits and bobs, or simply do such a rubbish job that you have to get it done again, you’ll end up spending way more. So make sure you’re not confusing cheap for value.

Negotiate a good price

If you need your upholstery cleaned as well you can ask the company if they can offer you a package deal. You will use two services so you can ask for a discount or a lower carpet cleaning price.

Be willing to barter – a lot of people won’t barter on price because the idea makes them uncomfortable, but you’d be amazed at what discounts local cleaners will offer just because you ask. This can be especially effective if you have a need for a range of carpet cleaning services as you can normally get away with asking for discounts on multi-service projects. This may be especially true for local companies who have the flexibility to offer discounts to new London customers.

Take advantage of special offers and discounts – even if you’re not comfortable with the idea of actually asking for discounts on your carpet cleaning, you can still make it more cost-effective by just striking while the iron is hot, and taking advantage of any special offers and discounts available. But don’t get sucked into choosing a company in London for this reason alone as they may not necessarily be the cheapest option. So utilise special offers when they are available but don’t get fooled into thinking it’s always the cheapest option, and always make sure to do the research beforehand.


You can always try the DIY option and clean your carpets on your own but this is not always the cheapest or best option. If you have never done this before you can damage your carpet or cause discolouration. This can be a costly mistake. You need to prepare for the process before approaching the task. You need to buy cleaning agents and tools and get to know different cleaning techniques. This can cost you money and time not to mention hard work. You can save yourself the stress and hire a cost-effective cleaning service. The pros will deliver outstanding results and you will have plenty of free time to spend on doing something you truly enjoy.


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