What has made Allahabad a property hotspot? The city is one of the holiest cities in the state of Uttar Pradesh after Varanasi. If the modern history of Allahabad is to be taken into account, then perhaps it is one of the most important cities for numerous reasons. It has been a hub of education during the British rule and subsequently has yielded the Nehru family. Over the years, the city has also been considered to be one of the most important centres for law because the Allahabad Bench of High Court is established here. However, perhaps the most important asset of the city is ‘Sangam’; which is the confluence of major rivers Ganga and Yamuna. This site independently makes it the most important sites for Hindus. Therefore the emergence and the subsequent demand for Allahabad property requires looking into.

The factors driving the growth of property in Allahabad

As mentioned earlier, the city of Allahabad is important spiritually and in terms of education. Some of the most prominent institutions for education are established here which include university of Allahabad and the Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering College. However the industrial setup of the city is next to nil. There is an industrial freight corridor that lies closer to Allahabad that has led to the evolution of small and medium sized enterprises catering to it. The major businesses here are related to manufacturing of glass and wires. However this industrial growth is not substantial to make Allahabad an industrial city. So what is driving the demand for property here?


The new demand for property development in Allahabad has been pushed by the fact that the city has been identified as a potential Smart City. There are almost a hundred of such cities being planned across the country which would herald into the country a new era of sustainable urban settlement. The construction of the smart city near Gandhi Nagar in Gujarat has already started and that has spurred the investors to race in acquiring property in Allahabad. Needless to say, most of the buyers of house for sale in Allahabad are targeting return on investment when the city finally transforms. It is anticipated that the Smart Cities would take away the focus from the prime territories which are experiencing immense pressure on resources due to population.

The smart cities have been planned to save energy and evolve as the pinnacle of urban development. This is what is pushing the demand for houses in Allahabad.

How to find the best houses in Allahabad?

Before we look into the ways to find the best properties in the city, let us take a moment to assess how sustainable this demand for properties is. There are a large number of factors that have led to the rise in demand for housing in Allahabad. Among the important one is the ability of buyers to invest which has been enabled because of the industrial development and the reduced interest rates. Property seekers can now opt for home loans at reduced interest rates and also be able purchase houses with ease by using tools like housing.com

In Conclusion

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