What make the most important aspects in any architecture design are the unique elements of it that make up for its creativity and alluring nature.

When you look at a building, you see how exquisitely decorated it is and what architectural style or design is it following. There are so many architectural designs followed all across the world, some of which are the mingled aspects of the other architectural patterns.

A building that has been built for ages knows how to relish its visitors. It has a keen story to describe as well, something that it can gather through all these years of living amongst the human souls.

Apart from all the architectural designs and patterns, the following are some of the best styles and characteristics that truly embellish a building selected by expert architects of top architecture firm in India. These will surely catch your attention in being some great architectural patterns for its learners.

The Victorian style of architecture:

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One of the most expensive eras in the erstwhile world, the Victorian era led the world to explore some good architectural styles including the Gothic Revival, Tudor, and Romanesque. It also welcomed styles from Asia and the Middle East.

The housing system boomed when the industrial revolution gained some pace and set its feet on the architectural patterns of the country. The particular features of this type of architecture, includes some good elaborate trim, sash windows, bay windows, imposing 2-3 stories, some asymmetrical shape or wrap around porches.

The Islamic type of architecture:

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Islamic architecture has been dominating the Middle East since the 7th century. However, it has been changing patterns in different regions like Persia, North Africa, and Spain.

The Islamic styles are most visible in the type of the mosques and the intricate details that are fed into them. This mainly includes the pointed domes, arches, and courtyards.

The Romanesque type of architecture:

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Romanesque building architecture also known as the Norman Architecture, it emerged as the most famous form in Europe in the 10th century.

This form of architecture mainly includes rounded arches, the ones that are found in the Roman churches. There are intricate designs built with floral and foliage patterns, which forms the main style of this form of architecture.

The Baroque style of architecture:

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This form originated in Italy in the 16th century. It was considered to be more formal than the Romanesque form and aimed to appeal the senses. It was more emotive and held an attempt to celebrate the Catholic state.

The Tudor form of architecture:

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This was a style yearning in the medieval period in England. The most famous form of this architecture is the timber-framed houses along with thatched roofs, casement windows, and elaborate doorways.

The Bauhaus form of architecture:

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There was an art school in Germany that held the idea of mixing art and technology, saying that it can be unified less than one design. They believed in more of functional spaces than elaborate designs along with flat roofs and cubic shapes.

The Neo-classic form of architecture:

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It was a form that aimed at bringing back the noble and the elaborate form of architecture. It was derived from the classic styles of Ancient Greek and Roman buildings and design.

These seven building architecture art forms ruled the world at one time, with their architectural details and the grandeur nature they possess.

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