If you’re moving to another house, it can be very frustrating. The costs can be high for moving and when you have so much on your mind, the associated cost for your move is just another added frustration!

We’ve come up with some helpful tips on how you can get the cheapest move.

  • Don’t settle for the first moving quote you see – It’s always a good idea to look around, but when it comes to moving companies, you can’t pick the first option. There are hundreds of moving companies willing to compete for your business and you can use this to your advantage by getting as many quotes as you can and then comparing them before you pick your favorite mover.
  • Bargain with the companies, and win – You can bargain with each company on the price. Unlike merchandise, moving is a service based industry which allows you to bargain with the business you are thinking about using. Simply compare them to another company that gave a lower quote and ask them if you can get a cheaper price compared to the other company. There’s a good chance they will lower the price so they can earn your business!
  • Make sure you know what you’re getting – Many people overlook the hidden writing of each moving company. Some movers will only do a limited number of things when it comes to the actual move. You want to make sure that everything they are offering for the exact stated price is something you can live with! All to often someone doesn’t get what they expect when it comes to moving, just because they didn’t read or ask more questions regarding what the specific company in question is offering.



In summary, moving can be a stressful and frustrating thing, but when you’ve got a little bit of savvy bargaining skills it can save you money in your wallet – You’ll also feel better because the deal you got saved you more money than if you had just accepted the first quote you got!

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