Nowadays Back Pain is a common thing. After the age of 30 and 35, every person has to face the problem of Back Pain. There are many reasons for back pain such as spinal cord infection, heavy lifting, due to a sudden movement, arthritis in the spinal cord, Sitting in the chair for a long time, and skeletal irregularity, let’s understand this.

What causes back pain?

1) Muscle or ligament strain: Heavy lifting and any sudden awkward movement can strain your back muscles and spinal ligaments. If you are in poor physical condition then, your back muscle may sprain that cause’s back pain. To prevent this you should do regular exercise, walking and swimming. These are the best prevention for your back pain.

2) Arthritis: Upon hearing arthritis, we think about the knees or hip joints, but arthritis can occur in any part of our body. Apart from these knees or joints, it can also be in our spine which can be the reason for your back pain. This condition is called spinal stenosis.

3) Spinal cord injuries: Spinal cord injury can be caused by damage to your spinal cord and back muscles. Spinal cord injuries occur to most athletes and sportsmen. The recovery of this injury depends on two reasons. 1) The place of injury in your spinal cord and 2) The severity of the injury in your spinal cord. Common injury causes low-back pain on your back.

4) Bending or crouching repeatedly: Frequent waking or standing up suddenly can strain your waist muscles. And you may have extreme pain in your waist. People aged 30 and above should be careful in getting up and sitting. You may also have sciatica due to such back pain.

5) Osteoporosis: This is a medical condition where bones become weak and fragile. This may be due to changes in the hormones, or due to a lack of calcium in the body. The chances of fracture increase as the bones are weak and fragile. People over the age of 50 are more likely to develop osteoporosis fractures. Osteoporosis fractures occur mostly in the hip, spine, and wrist.

Apart from all these reasons, there is another reason for your back pain, which only some of you will know. Sometimes your chair may also be the reason for your back pain.

How can a chair be the reason for your back pain?

You must be thinking that the chair is for your comfort, so how can it cause our back pain. Sitting awkwardly on the chair for a long time can cause low-pain on your spine. Sitting on plastic and a smooth chair can cause stretch and tension in your spinal cord and back veins, which can cause low-back pain. This can cause a spasm in your spine and your body posture can get worse. To solve this problem you should prefer to sit on a wooden chair.

Is a wooden chair good for your back?

The wooden chair is stiff and flat so that your back and spine stay straight. Wooden chair enhances your posture and provides comfort to your spine. You would know that when the plastic chair was not invented, only the wooden chair was used. Wooden chairs are strong, reliable, and durable. You can use it in home furniture and enhance the beauty of the house. If you use a wooden chair instead of a plastic chair then your back pain will definitely go away. If you want to buy a wooden chair then I highly recommended Adirondack chairs because these are very comfortable chairs. 

Adirondack chairs

Adirondack chairs were named from an Adirondack mountain. These chairs are made of wood. The first design of this chair was made by a man named Thomas Lee in 1903. The Adirondack chair is made of plywood and its armrests are made parallel to the ground. The seat and the bake of this chair are made very flat. Adirondack chairs are famous for their style, design, and comfort. Check Out for everything Related to Adirondack Chairs

Are Adirondack chairs better for your back?

Because of its flat back, it keeps your spine straight and reduces back pain. The Adirondack chair keeps your feet above the ground, and reduces muscle tension and promotes blood circulation. This reduces the appearance of varicose veins and allows blood to circulate even more easily, releasing pressure along with other points such as the spinal cord. This is an expensive chair, but this is the most comfortable chair at this price range.

If you want to get rid of the pain caused by the chair, then you should use Adirondack chairs. These chairs are also available in the online market.

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