If you are a foreigner who is looking to buy a property in Thailand, the most straightforward way for you to do so is to buy a condo. With all the high end condos that offer delightful perks and stylish design, many opt to buy condos than single family homes. Phuket condos for sale are one of the great deals in the market of condos.  While there are several laws set up preventing foreigners from buying land, buying a condo is completely legal and is encouraged by the simple process behind it.sunpropertiesphuketsmall2 (1)

All over Thailand and in Bangkok especially, there are literally dozens of new condominium developments going up every day, facing you as the consumer with so many options you may spend a very long time looking through so many options trying to find the perfect unit.

Your search doesn’t have to end though when you’ve looked at all of the available turn-key apartments. You also have the option of buying a unit (or many) pre-sale, and there are several advantages to this.sunpropertiesphuketsmall4

Depending on how much time you have and what your long-term investment strategy is for buying a condo (e.g. living in it yourself or renting it out), you may want to consider buying a condominium that’s not complete yet.

Here are some reasons why buying a pre-sale condo could benefit you:

Lower Net Cost

One of the biggest advantages of buying a condominium pre-sale is that you can save a lot of money. Prices rise as the development is built, and as soon as the condominium is developed and becomes ready to move in unit sales will hit their premium. Buying in the pre-sale phase will allow you to take advantage of all the juicy promotions that developers are dangling to ensure that the condo will fill up as soon as possible.

If you are someone who is looking to buy many units at once to become a landlord, it is assumed that you are willing to commit to this lifestyle and lucrative opportunity for many years. You will save a very sizable amount of money if you can be patient and wait for the building to be completed, rather than try to buy a whole bunch of units when the building is already complete. There may be a delay in how fast you can pay off the initial investment with pre-sale, but once you start renting the units out to tenants the return will exponentially increase.propertyinphuketforsale


Buying a condo during the pre-sale period is not only affordable, but also will require less cash up front. Usually developers are very eager to get the sales signed off in this stage thus will allow you to stagger payments instead of paying for the entire thing in one lump sum (which is necessary to do when you buy a competed project).

Low Maintenance

Just like buying a car, buying a condo that’s not brand new might leave you vulnerable to maintenance work in the near future. Even if the condo has never been lived in, but the building has been in use you still are working with older technologies, older infrastructure, has been exposed to extreme weather, etc. A pre-sale condo maximizes the time you don’t have to think about maintenance work, allowing you to get used to being a resident or land-lord for this particular property, stress-free.

If you could own a property anywhere in the entire world, where would it be? For many, the pipe-dream destination is somewhere tropical; a place near the shore where you can catch breathtaking sunsets from your balcony, eat fresh seafood for every meal, or spend your afternoons reading and relaxing on a hammock. Buy Phuket condos for sale now and experience living in the tropics.