It may be common knowledge that choosing energy-efficient windows will save you money on your heating and cooling bills. Unfortunately, it can come as a surprise that the initial investment is often a bit higher than people expect. It is higher than standard windows. Energy Star certified windows can reduce home energy costs by 7-15 percent, but this only happens a few years after you buy the windows and the difference between the lower bills and the higher cost of the windows balances out. Initial savings may not be the best reason to choose energy-efficient windows, but luckily there are many other benefits to get rid of old, leaky windows and install new windows with energy saving characteristics. All these benefit make it worthless to replace your windows with anything but energy-efficient choices.

We at Stratton Exteriors recommend all our customers make an investment in low-emissive (low-E), double-hung, argon gas filled window replacements. They do cost approximately 10% more than regu006Car windows, but the benefits are many. The brand we most recommend is Alside Excalibur Fusion-Welded Vinyl Windows, which are favored by our Nashville clients. The benefits of these windows may not be apparent to the general public and they might feel reticent to pay more for them. The first thing to understand is this: energy-efficient windows usually pay for themselves within four years, which is much longer than they’ll last. After those initial years, you will be keeping more money in your pocket every month when the energy bill comes due.


Great Benefits to Home Exterior Appearance: Old windows with peeling, cracking frames can make a house look a lot older and more run down than it really is. Buying and installing new, energy-efficient windows not only increases the overall value, but makes your home look fresh and up to date too. Our Alside Exterior windows come in a range of colors to match your exterior.

Does Block Heat But Not Light: Low-E windows are coated with a special treatment of invisible metallic oxide or metal. This material allows all the light to come through the window so your home is bright and cheery, but blocks the damaging rays that will fade window treatments. It also reflects heat very efficiently.

Warmer Surface:Double-paned windows are warmer to the touch than old single pane varieties. This is partly due to the multiple layers, but also because of the non-toxic, odor-free gas called argon which fills the space between the panes. This noble gas is heavier than air, which increases its insulating capabilities.

Cleaning is a Breeze: Save your own energy on cleaning double-hung windows that tilt in so you can access both sides without needing to remove the screens or climb ladders.

Environmentally Friendly: Installing energy-smart windows reduces your family’s carbon footprint in many ways. Not only will you save energy and money on home heating bills, but the benefits translate to less pollution from power plants too.

Receive Tax Credits: Visit to learn about generous benefits you may get for installing energy-saving skylights and windows in your home. Owners can get a 10% tax credit for windows (up to $200) and doors (up to $500).