Italy is a country with a great touristic potential that stimulates visitors and even locals into discovering every single aspect of its existence with delight and serenity. But what happens when tourists are so hypnotized by this place that they want to move here, permanently or definitively? Well, you get these people some houses and properties to see as soon as possible! Check out the houses for sale in Italy that Realitalia has to offer.

What is Bergeggi?

Among the most beautiful locations in Italy you can find Bergeggi, a small city located in the region of Liguria. Due to its reduced size this place is seen as a private space where people who want some peace and relaxation can come without any restraints. Everything about it is fantastic: from picturesque landscapes to amazing food, the time spent here will surely be a memorable one. The romantic atmosphere generated by the combination of green lanes and wild blue sea will most definitely bring couples closer and encourage the birth of new love stories. Not to mention that there are other entertaining activities in the area that will allow guests to party, have a great time and meet plenty of new people.

Tourists can reach Bergeggi either from the airport of Genoa which is very close (approximately 40 minutes) or the airport of Nice (90 minutes). Bergeggi also provides easy access to other beautiful regions like Turin, Genoa, Monaco, Milan or Portofino which have to be visited for their rich cultural and entertaining opportunities.


Choosing a location

Once the decision of spending a vacation here or even buying a holiday home in Bergeggi has been made, life will improve in a heartbeat. Building a new house from scratch in Italy or any other country by this matter is not an easy thing to do, so why go through all this trouble.  Select a company that can provide only the best options to suit your needs and taste.

Why Realitalia?

Realitalia is a trustable real estate agency based in London where you can find amazing properties for sale in Italy that wait for their owners to customize them and create long-lasting memories together. For instance, the Dominio MARE Resort and SPA can be the perfect choice even for the most exigent clients.

This resort features a large number of apartments and houses that have their own entrance offering inhabitants the privacy desired, beautiful gardens and terraces where they can relax, get sunbathed or enjoy delicious local food. Every one of these buildings has been created respecting environmental friendly principles, but without leaving behind the most important commodities.

In addition to this, visitors can also go to beaches rich in delicate sand or at the two golf courses that receive fans with quality conditions and equipment. The range of activities available does not stop here. The residents of the dominio can enjoy diving, whale and bird watching, water sports, mountain biking and various other entertaining things.


In this case, words are quite useless but pictures and even videos will never fail. Visit the website and decide whether Bergeggi is the right choice for you. Realitalia also offers properties for letting through its websites at and It is impossible to remain indifferent at all this beauty so try to make the best of your time and money. Choose wisely!