English: Guildford roofscape, Surrey Taken fro...

English: Guildford roofscape, Surrey Taken from the grounds of Guildford Castle, looking towards Guildford Cathedral, seen here dominating the skyline. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may have reached the time in your life where you’re thinking about getting a foot on the property ladder and buying your own property. While this can be exciting, and for some, a rite of passage, it can be easy to get swept up in the idea of buying your own place and forget all of the important aspects you will need to bear in mind when you’re preparing to buy. So, if you’re looking at buying a house, what should you be thinking about?

Firstly, remember that a house is a massive investment, and this is an area where you really shouldn’t compromise. If the house is in the wrong location, don’t be sure that you can grow to like where you are. If it’s the wrong style of house, it’s not right for you. If you want a garden but the house doesn’t have one, look around. When you’re investing this amount of time and money in anything, you shouldn’t make a rash decision, and it’s absolutely fine to take your time over making this decision.

You should also always bear in mind the mortgage you have been allocated by your bank. You may find a cheap property which seems great, but there will be a reason for this most of the time. That is why it is absolutely crucial that you get a chartered surveyor on board to check out the property before you commit to signing anything. They will be able to find out if there are any structural defects or serious issues affecting the building.

Surveyors are a vital element of any buying process. Lots of people think that a valuation will suffice, but this isn’t the case. A valuation tends to be for the benefit of the bank so they know how the value of the house measures up to the mortgage they’re offering, but for your sake as a buyer, you obviously need to know if you’ll need to shell out more money on top of the house price.

When choosing your surveyor, opt for someone local. For instance, if you’re buying a property in Guildford, go for a surveyor in Guildford who will know the common problems with the houses. This way, even if you’ve found what you believe to be your dream home, you will know for sure that the house is structurally sound and free from damp or any other problems which can either reduce the value or potentially lead to a reduction in the price to make up for the work you will have to do to put it right.

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