Selling homes in this market can be quite difficult during an economic quagmire. Many home owners have lost homes to foreclosure, and are moving back with older relatives, renting, or the unfortunate of living on the streets. It’s important to have a clean home if you’re going to sell it – the windows shine, the siding is pristine, the bricks appear brand new, as the lawn is perfectly cut.

As you have your clipboard in hand, a camera to take pictures for advertising the home online, and clients waiting outside the door, something catches your eyes – there’s some dirt on the hardwood floor, and while you may shrug it off as something minimal, you clients may not. What to do? Vacuuming works well, but then you have to mop. Time is not on your side, but there’s an alternative – a good steam mop!

The transparent-colored steam mop promises to sanitize and destroy 99.9% of germs, viruses, and bacteria in a deep clean that leaves all hard surfaced floors pristine. The steam mop is unique from other steam mops in that it has a two-sided cleaning steam pocket pads that can be flipped at any time. The Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop only takes thirty seconds to heat up.

The product has an intelligent steam control that allows for different levels of deep cleaning – dust, scrub, and mop. Each steam control cleans thoroughly from stuck-on dirt and heavy traffic areas, to the very light steam for light dusting surfaces that are delicate. The steam mop that has a capacity for 500mL of water comes with a rectangular mop head, triangular mop head, two shark washable scrub pockets and a filling flask. Once done with the steam mop the microfiber is easily washable that lasts for 20 times.