The harsh winter season can be very hard on your roofing Ann Arbor, Michigan. The ice, the snow, the freezing, and the thawing can all lead to several issues that may result to expensive roofing repairs when not addressed properly.

Below are the most common roofing problems you may face the moment the cold winter season kicks in.

Flashing Leaks

You are probably used to leaky flashings if you have a slopped roof. Flashings are those metal strips placed along the ridges, corners, and front edge of the roof as well as around the skylights and chimneys. During a violent storm or when installed improperly, these flashing can pull away from the roofing material, leading to water leaks. Check the flashings every 6 months to ensure that you don’t face this problem.


Once warm air reaches a cold surface, expect condensation to occur. Sadly, an attic with improper insulation is the number one candidate for condensation to form, leading to mildew and mold that can damage your home’s interior structure. To prevent this problem, see to it that there is proper ventilation in your attic. Insufficient ventilation can cause damages on your roof and decking, encouraging ice dams and shortening the overall lifespan of your roof by half.

Strong Winds

When winds grow stronger, these can loosen up and shake your roof shingles. If you see some shingles or roof parts on the ground, make sure you call the experts on roofing Ann Arbor, Michigan to have the shingles replaced way before more serious damages occur.

Tree Limbs

You can consider yourself lucky if your yard is filled with trees as it means that you have wonderful scenery all year round. However, the presence of trees can also pose some dangers. There are times when overhanging tree limbs end up scraping the roof surface and damaging the protective top layer. The moment the branches fall on your roof, these too can cause some concerns. To keep your family and home safe when winter comes, see to it that you trim those branches that are around 6 feet from the roof. This also helps ensure that critters will not scamper across your roof and enter there to create their nests for spring.


Icicles are often formed by sub-freezing temperatures and sunny days. These may appear neat yet they can actually pose an actual danger to both people and pets. Usually the result of some clogged downspouts and gutters, the excessive weight of icicles can cause damages to the gutter and roofing. To prevent icicles from developing, make sure that your gutters are clear of any needles, leaves, and other forms of debris. Once the warmer season comes, pay attention to gutter maintenance right away to avoid leaks and other issues during the spring rains.

If you are unsure how to handle your roofing Ann Arbor, Michigan during winter, make sure that you contact the experts. They have a dedicated team of skilled roofing experts who will be more than happy to discuss the potential issues of your roof and recommend the best preventative repairs.

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