Not everybody likes to hide away their bath towels, face cloths and bathrobes, let’s face it, sometimes they are just too beautiful and touch-ably soft to spend their time sitting in some dark linen cupboard, waiting for special guests or their turn to be used. But how can we show these wonderful pieces off to the best of our advantage without hanging them off every available surface in the bathroom? Well, I’ve come up with a few ideas, some new and some old, that you may want to try.

Leave Them Hanging


Towel rails needn’t be a thing of the past, nor some ugly bar where you sling your towel in order for it to dry out in wait for the next time you use it. There are some truly gorgeous designs out there and in more than enough styles to suit any bathroom you could think off – from carved wooden stands to heated spirals that attach to your wall, even some ornate rinds or cute beach style door hooks lined up against the wall. Show your towels off in style with which ever type you choose.

Simple Shelving

Though it may seem like a boring idea there are so many types of shelves available – from pretty chrome ones that arch over the toilet, floating shelves to free standing towers made of dark wood with a storage cupboard to boot, there are plenty of different shelves to suit your taste. If like us at you like the idea of dark wooden shelves to showcase your lighter towels as it makes such a lovely contrast!

Hanging Hampers

Here’s a novel idea, why not turn some woven hampers on their sides and attach them to the wall, fold or roll your towels and stack your hampers in decreasing size and you have something that is not only functional but pretty to look at and novel to boot. If you want to you can find hampers in varying sizes and colours as well as dip-dying them to match your bathrooms colour scheme.

Wonderful Wine Racks

You may have seen some of the large styles wine racks that are also sold as towel holders. These pieces are lovely and tend to be antique looking metal pieces that can easily hold rolled up bath or hand towels, in fact they can come in either size. They are also easily re-painted so if you want a darker or different coloured holder you can paint it to match your decoré, plus you only has to worry about rolling your towels instead of fussing over creases if they hand from rings on the walls!

Towels Under Glass

I happen to love the idea of a glass fronted wooden cabinet or cupboard in your bathroom as a way to display your towels. You get to create the illusion of extra space whilst displaying your towels for any guests or visitors who may find themselves in need, whilst also keeping your towels dry. Perfect for after an impromptu water fight has broken out and you and your guests are desperately seeking out towels – they’ll be there dry and in plain sight!