In this short text I will show you the basics you need to know in order select a quality display unit, mostly focusing on India.
India is a fast growing market due to the BDP per capita rising, which means that more and more people can afford quality furniture.
Display units are a fundamental piece of furniture which is present in most modern homes. And due to the modern technology developments, much of these can be ordered online!

What exactly are display units?

Display units are used to present items. Unlike closets, which are generally closed by doors, the units are open, so the items displayed are visible and easy to reach. The most common examples of such furniture are bookcases, stands, sideboards and racks. All of these are specialized in storing various everyday objects.

What are the important characteristics I need to be aware of?

Naturally, when selecting an item, such as a bookcase or a cabinet, you will want it to be able to store what it is designed for. But you should also consider the following:

  1. The size of the display unit: the dimensions should fit your home
  2. The style: out of all the furniture, display units often serve a decorative role or serve to hold decorative objects. As such you will want a stylish look that fits your other furniture pieces.
  3. Availability: do I have to go to a store or can I find display units online in India?
  4. The cost: the costs vary, mostly depending on the quality and style. I recommend taking the best of both worlds, but quality is still king!
  5. Other factors: kids, pets, materials used (natural or artificial).

All in all, when fitting your home with a new piece of furniture, be sure to use all the information you can and do not be afraid to pay a bit extra just to get a nice looking and quality piece. You will want it to last!