The Coronavirus virus has made uncertainty in the Turkish real estate market, which is constantly growing in number in recent times. Several factors have played their part in this, which is what we will focus on now. The most significant reason for the growth in demand is the recent travel ban imposed by the government to stop the Coronavirus spread.

Turkey has been one of the first nations to apply precaution on the rapidly spreading epidemic since Turkish Airlines holds the distinction of being the first carrier of this disease to be established in its commercial service. The main concern for the government regarding this epidemic was not to spread the disease further in neighboring countries and Europe but to ensure that the epidemic did not get out of hand before the spread could be contained. In this context, there were fears of the infection being transmitted via air travel.

The main reason why the government is concerned about the spread of this virus in the market is that it is considered a high-risk investment. This is also the main reason that is driving the growth in demand for Istanbul apartments and condominiums. A quick check of the Turkish real estate market will show that the value of the properties is constantly rising and so is their demand. Many people are investing a large sum of money on Istanbul apartments and condominiums, as they see it as a long term investment with excellent returns. However, before purchasing any Istanbul apartment or condominium, it is important to understand how this disease has affected the real estate industry of Istanbul, and the implications of this for the real estate market in Turkey in general.

The fact is that the outbreak of Coronavirus in Istanbul has led to many casualties in the capital city of Istanbul. The capital’s Metropolitan Municipality confirmed that the number of deaths is rising every day, and this number is expected to grow even higher in the coming days. With such large numbers of people contracting this virus and their families have no choice but to move out of the capital city of Istanbul to other cities, the city is now witnessing a sharp rise in demand for apartments and condominiums to accommodate them. In short, the increase in demand is due to the need for housing, rather than the outbreak itself.

In a few weeks, the Coronavirus outbreak will likely affect other parts of Turkey, and even Europe, which is why the real estate market in Istanbul will see a slight drop in supply in apartments and condominiums. The price of these properties, however, will still be far higher than those available in Istanbul apartments and condominiums in other parts of Turkey due to the demand.

When this effect ends, the Istanbul real estate market will experience a significant increase in supply, which will lead to a big increase in demand. However, the demand will also rise to match the increase in supply and this will again cause a decrease in the price of these properties. This process will continue until the end of this year when the virus is expected to be controlled according to

While the impact of this outbreak on the Turkish real estate market is not yet known, many experts believe that the effect will be short-lived and the effect will only be felt at the beginning of 2020. Given the current economic situation, the demand is expected to rise for two years and then decrease for the next two years to come. While this may sound like a long process, it is certainly the most likely scenario given the current economic conditions and the country’s fiscal situation.

While the Coronavirus outbreak has not yet been reported, it is clear that the Turkish real estate market will experience a drop in demand for the next few months. However, the demand will increase once the outbreak is over and will continue to increase as long as the outbreak is affecting other parts of Turkey. For the time being, this is an ideal time for investors and buyers to buy properties and wait until the situation in Turkey improves.