Keeping ones family warm and hot is a dream of every single home maker as comes the winters. With the advancement in science various ways were found, various inventions are made, all done, just to keep up with the needs of people. But if I sincerely think about keeping my place warm with something that is safe and something which occupies minimum of space then nothing could be better than an ethanol fireplace.

ethanol-fireplace-lata-with-glass-by-ignis_1 is exactly the site where you will get all the kinds of ethanol burners. If you are looking for the kind of burner that you can fit and forget in your guest’s room or modern room then nothing could be better than the freestanding Ethanol fireplaces. Not only will it be useful to the burner but will also be useful in giving your house a designer cult. The products need minimum of repairing, which means every ethanol burner available on this site can be used for years without broaching any serious issues with its working.

The designs available on the sight are so chick, modern and sophisticated that they will win your heart in the first glance. Besides, the burners are extremely safe innocuous leaving you will very little of space to worry. They look beautiful with flames visible from all the sides. The different types of burners that the site has to offer are: Cube- Tabletop Ethanol fireplace, Tectum Mini Red- Freestanding Ethanol fireplace, Cube XL- Freestanding Ethanol Fireplace, Ferrum- Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace and many more. All the products are available at discounted prices only at .