The hunt for a house is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack, but finding a property letting service that stands out from the rest can be equally as rare! It’s therefore important to make sure that any service you’ll be paying for goes above and beyond doing just a ‘job’. When a service deals with a property that you own, you want to make sure that the company will stick to the same high values and standards that you do.

Here’s what you should look for in a letting agency to ensure you get the great service you deserve.

Well Connected

One of the first things that you should look for is that the scale of the service and the company itself matches the scale that you’re looking for. Bigger isn’t always better, but sometimes it’s just what you need. If you’re lucky enough to have a property in central London, for example, your market is huge. You will have people that could potentially be interested from around the world. You need a company then that is well connected in the market, and that is big enough to advertise on the scale that you need, with the power to get your property seen.

More localised companies can often have the contacts and know-how for the specific area that can be just what you’re looking for too; a well-aimed advertisement or recommendation can be just as successful for getting the kind of customer you need.

Hands On or Hands Off

One of the main things you should look for in a great property letting service is the flexibility of their role.

Some services will tell you exactly what they offer for a fixed fee, and there’s little leeway in what you can and can’t handle. Great services though are often willing, within the bounds of reason and legalities, to let you be as hands-on or hands-off as you like.

whattolookA good property letting service will have a good reputation.

Generally, when you’re letting a property for the first time, you might like to get more involved than is usually required and build a reputation yourself. Maybe you’ve done this many times before, and now you’re looking for a new service that will offer a great all-inclusive service and will allow you to do as little as possible with your busy schedule.

Reputation is Everything

When you’re looking for a great service, it’s always important to consider reputation. Although new companies can offer fantastic services, they don’t always carry the benefits that experience brings to the table.

Knowing that a service will be reliable, above average, honest and professional is something you can’t put a price on, so make sure that you look for an ‘about us’ page on their website. Do some homework into their history, and see how long they’ve been in the business. Experience brings a lot of advantages, and knowing the market and the industry can provide huge advantages when it comes to advising you on your property. A long-established company can give you expertise and tips on how is best to market your property, and how to adapt it to the current market.

A Raving Review

Our final key thing you should look at in a letting service is what their customers have to say about them. It would be terrible advertising to put your shortcomings and failures on display, so you’ll always see the good side of whatever property letting company that you look at if you browse their site.

But a fantastic way to see what a service is really like is to check out online reviews. You can simply type their name into a search engine, plus there are forums and websites dedicated to spilling the beans about estate agents and letting services. Always remember though, that people are much more likely to report a bad review than they are something that meets or exceeds the expected standard. Take everything with a pinch of salt, but use the reviews to your advantage.

whattolook1You want a property letting service that can really sell your property to a customer.


What should you look for in a great property letting service? A satisfied customer base. Happy customers mean happy clients, and satisfied customers mean that the letting agency is covering the important bases that you’ll be looking for. Few companies will tick all the boxes, but knowing which of those points are essential will help you find the best property letting service to suit your needs. A friendly, experienced, professional reputation is always a recipe for success!

Image credits: james.thompson and misteraitch