Without undertaking a fairly major renovation project, it can be pretty difficult to add any space to your bedroom. However, if you are looking to sell your home and want this room to appear larger than it actually is, there are a few tips that you can follow.

No matter what dimensions your bedroom may be, you can add to it by following a few easy tips that are designed to make any bedroom feel bigger. There are a lot of illusions that are possible with just a little effort.

Here is how you can make a small bedroom feel bigger:

Space it out

This might seem a little counterproductive, but spacing out your furniture actually creates the illusion that the room is bigger. You might assume that pushing all the furniture closely against the wall will save the most space, but actually the opposite is true. Angling your bed can be a great trick that really works. You want to be sure that there is some breathing room in between your furniture items. This will help to make your bedroom appear a little bigger than it actually is.

Go light

Another trick that you really need to try in your bedroom is choosing a lighter color for the walls. Light colors can be crucial when you want any space to look and feel larger than it is. Light colors like white, cream and pale blue can help make any space feel much more open. Some dark hues might be in trend right now, but they are not the best choice when you want to make your bedroom feel larger than it is. Light and open is possible with the use of light colors on the wall.

Versatile furniture

You can also get a lot more use out of the furniture items in your room if you choose pieces that are multifunctional. Some great options are an ottoman that can also serve as a storage trunk. The ottoman can be decorative and add to the style within the room, but the storage space inside can be ideal for blankets and other trinkets that you might want to store away. This will give your room a clean look no matter how much space you have available.

Likewise, you can buy a Murphy bed (also sometimes referred to as a ‘wall bed’ or ‘pull down bed’), many of which offer additional storage options for books, clothing, and accessories. In case you don’t know what a Murphy bed is, it is a space-saving bed that can fold away, often as part of a self-contained closet, thanks to a clever pivot and counterbalance system.

Making your room feel larger than it is can be completely possible. You just need to give these simple tricks a try and you will have a bedroom that is huge.

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