People often stay in a dilemma when it comes to choosing garden furniture for their homes as they fail to think of a theme or the function that the units would serve. You need to take care of the garden furniture as much as you do for the indoors so that the decor looks balanced both inside and outside. If you are looking for exclusive garden furniture units, then you can check out where you find some great designs that would surely lure you into buying them.

Here are some of the ways in which you can organise the garden furniture in your home to make a comfortable seating space and vibrant ambience:

1. Sofa & two chairs for a classic arrangement

Place a porch sofa along with two chairs that would serve as a classic combination for your outdoors. This layout works well for both indoors and outdoors i.e., on the porch and the patio. Moreover, in the porch area, you can use louvered shutters and a chandelier that would give the outdoor space a polished look.

2. Mix loveseats with chairs

Incorporate loveseats as they work just as a couch which can seat two people, and they are more aesthetic. As they are shorter in width, you would find enough space to place chairs, a coffee table, and a side table. If you want to create an ambience like that of a cafe, you can even choose to place cafe chairs outdoors.

3. Fill the corner space with two sofas

Placing two sofas facing each other works well all the time and would create a great corner setup if you wish to fill the space. This would also work as a reading space and you can even spend some good time with your close ones for a tête-à-tête conversation.

4. Use a sectional sofa to create boundaries

For smaller floor spaces, another alternative for the corner seaters as mentioned above is the 3-piece sectional sofa setup that would provide the same functionality and comfortable seating space. These sofas offer a lot of seating space which would pose a problem if you have a lot of guests suddenly arriving at your place.

5. Opt for a chaise lounge porch arrangement

Chaise lounge chairs can be used for the seating arrangement apart from serving at the poolside. Go for an asymmetrical arrangement of the chaise along with a coffee table, two chairs, and a sofa.

6. Use an Ottoman instead of chairs

Replace chairs with an ottoman if you are short on space as it is more versatile and would make for a great furniture unit if in the small space. Along with that, you can place some beanbags along with a low-level coffee table where you can enjoy board games and have a heart snack time.

7. Dining and seating in one space

If you want to use the porch area both as dining or a seating space, then it would be better if you can accommodate a pair of chairs along with a coffee table instead of a sofa. This would keep the space from getting cramped. Dining chairs can be substituted with benches if you want to do something different.

8. Arrange the chairs in a Circle

Instead of the sofa, you can accommodate a set of four to six chairs which are comfortable while seating. You can arrange them in a circle and make it a perfect setup for a cocktail party. With this, you would be able to look at all the people sitting around you and interact with them easily.

9. Face-to-Face Seating

In case you have a wide porch area, you can cover the space with two chairs and a sofa facing each other. Along with these, you can accommodate a coffee table, side table, floating cube where you can place your drinks and snacks.

10. Accommodate a pair of chairs

If you do not want to hoard the outdoor space too much with furniture or have a narrow front porch, then placing two chairs along with a coffee table would be enough. With this, you can work on the lighting of the space that would give a warm and relaxing effect.

Try out these different arrangements and finalise the one that would best enhance the ambience of your outdoors.