Want to quickly increase the value of your home? Install some hardwood floors throughout the house. Hardwood floors are elegant, classic, and timeless – I seriously can’t think of anyone who doesn’t absolutely love them. And when you’re in the real estate business, you can believe that having them in your home can greatly incase the value of your property.

Want another tip for increase the value of your home? Add another bathroom! Yes, this will require thousands of dollars upfront, and it will take several weeks, and it will be a pain in the butt having to have the construction done in the house, with all the stress involved – but it will be worth it. Being in the business, I can tell you that there are many homes that don’t move off the market simply because they don’t have enough bathrooms. Installing an extra one is a huge added bonus, and the fact that it will be brand new will increase the value even more.

How about another tip? Add a small fitness area to your basement or garage. Now, I’m not talking about a full-on gym, but just a small area if you have the space. Most people have basement or garage space that they simply don’t make the most out of. So, purchase a treadmill, a weight bench, some adjustable dumbbells, and a few other machines – and you will have a tremendous value proposition for when it’s time to sell. If someone is spending $75/month on their gym membership, and your new fitness area allows them to cancel their membership, then you have already provided them an extraordinary amount of value.

And those are just three ideas. If you think along the same lines as the above, by adding value-related things to your home, you can greatly increase the value of your house.