1. Bamboo Bed

Tropical country like Indonesia is the place where bamboos are easily growing. In that case, bamboos are often used to fulfill the house equipment, and also furniture. Many of Indonesian furniture are made of bamboo, which is cheaper than the furniture made of teak wood. One of it is bamboo bed. You might often see this type of bed to be the base of the massage bed. These bamboos can be cut and turned to be single or king size bed. Using bamboo as the basic material of bed will give the traditional look and bring you to the nature feeling. Bamboo is also strong material to support thing, so that turn it to be bed is good idea as it is durable for long time.


  1. Bamboo Shelves

Except for making bed, bamboo, as the basic material of Indonesian furniture, is also made to be shelves. Once again, you might often find this kind of shelves in massage place. Bamboo is indeed one material used for making furniture as it give the natural look. The artistic of bamboo is placed to its natural beauty and color. Although bamboo shape is simple, it still give the traditional and natural look to the house atmosphere. In aforementioned statement, bamboo is strong material to make for object that supporting other. There are different kind of bamboo shelves, which is commonly designed for the decoration place in the house corner.

  1. Bamboo Table Set

As one of the best Indonesian furniture, bamboo is also used for the table set material. Table, chair, and even sofa, could be made from bamboo. To make it as sofa, bamboo commonly cut into thin rectangle shape, and turn it to be like straw. It is then embroider to be sofa shape. This bamboo straw are also could be used as the seating place of the chair. While the whole bamboo is often cut and left to be like its original shape, and then combine it with other bamboo and turn it to be chair and table.

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