Mississauga real estate is undoubtedly an investment to watch out for in the days ahead. Living in a condo is like living in your own home but without any need for maintenance. It can be compared with sleeping on a bed without worrying about the bed-making process. 

Condo living can easily be termed as easy of living and this has made condo business in Mississauga the investment of the future. There are many baby boomers who are approaching retirement age bracket and who are prospective owners of condos that are coming up throughout the region. As most of them progress into old age, their energy might have reduced drastically and thus might not be able to bear with the hassles of life and this means the quiet lifestyle offered by the condos will be a perfect fit for them. 

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filedesc Mississauga’s “condo” skyline.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The comfort one would get in a condo is largely determined by the type of services available when buying the units. There are different types of services available and some of the tariffs available are more advanced than others.  


Before purchasing a Mississauga condo it is important to check the entire list of services offered. Check whether it has any limitation of the number of annual maintenance calls that you can make based on your entitlement. Does the contract include any routine maintenance checks? Do you have a say in the choice of a shop and is there shopping transport available?  


You should also consider whether there are any rules included in the list and which you might not be comfortable with. For example, is there any night time limitation for noise? Can you do barbeques in the patio or balcony? You should ask for a list of full services written down and dated. As you draw the purchase agreement, consider having the full service list affixed to the agreement as an appendix. You should also have the terms of the list signed into your contract. 


You should look beyond the facilities offered and the layout of the condo as there are many other necessary factors to consider. Consider the surrounding area and see whether the environment favors your desired lifestyle. Many Mississauga condos are located near town and shopping malls which make it easy to walk around and relax. The facilities offered within the proximity should also feature in your considerations based on your lifestyle and age. Making a wise decision is always necessary and this means looking at the available condos from different angles if you are to get real value for your money!




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