Investing in real estate is somewhat similar to investing in stocks, so it is necessary to provide useful real estate tips provided to you by virtue of our experience in real estate marketing and appraisal, as achieving profits from real estate investment is based on determining the value of the real estate like Zed Towers El Sheikh Zayed that you intend to buy and then a good guess to know the amount of profit The output from these investments, whether through rent or sale (ownership).

But investing in real estate requires a relatively long period of time with a large capital provision. Therefore, the expected profits must be proportional to the amount invested and the required time period.

Many people were confused when buying their own property or housing, which prompted them to consult people who may not be specialized, which may lead to large financial losses if the decision is wrong.

Non-specialists do not pay attention to the complex differences of real estate investment or how to buy and sell to start this process, because this type of investment is different from investing in stocks and bonds.

There is an abundance of options when it comes to investing in a residential property, especially in major capitals around the world, from homes and apartments that can be developed, but this depends on the boom in market activity, and investors mastering the right time and place to seize the right opportunity .Here, it must be noted that not all real estate transactions generate money for the owners. Like De Joya 2 New Capital

Real estate tips before buying a property:

Do not rush when intending to buy, but search and compare properties and choose the most suitable one for you.

– In any case. Not to buy a property that has not been created and that does not already exist.

Inspecting the property and making sure of the area and that it matches the area on the official papers and reviewing the drawing and matching it with the implementation on the reality.

Ensure the condition of the property’s facilities, such as plumbing, electricity and carpentry works.

Ensure that there are no problems with building licenses in terms of their issuance by the competent authority, the number of floors licensed, and that the property is among the licensed floors so that it is not subject to removal from the competent authority.

Do not buy a property in a role that is contrary to and not included in the license.

– You must ensure that the property is finished and its type before receiving it permanently.

Knowing the seller’s data and ownership of the property and the real estate deed, which is a land purchase contract and building licenses.

– Verify with the neighborhood about the services in the property, especially if it is new, whether they have been connected or not, such as electricity, gas or water, and make sure that the property owner is already contracted for those services.

If you do not have enough experience or time to search for a suitable property on your own, you can use a real estate marketing company or office.