If your new Florida home or apartment is moving, you might be wondering, “What will the movers take?” What can they expect? Where do they keep the keys and do they need them at the new address? There are a few things you should know to prepare yourself or your belongings for your relocation. Here’s what you can expect. For further questions, visit orlandoexpressmovers.com.

Some companies are notorious for doing “dirty tricks”. They will use a high pressure hose to blow crumbs off their furniture and floor. This is something that you should avoid at all costs. When you are packing your things, especially when you are moving across state lines, it’s important that you don’t have items lying around with crumbs on them. This is especially true if you are packing fragile items like dishes or glassware.

Sometimes, a moving company will suggest that you use a box that doesn’t look like its filled with trash. It’s an idea that will work in some situations. However, this isn’t always a good idea. The boxes that say “trash” on the outside but are empty inside are likely to be full of items that someone has already destroyed. It’s a better idea to have something that looks like it was unpacked but is actually filled with items that were damaged during transportation.

You should also be prepared for them to not do a quick cross country. Most people do their entire moving in a three to four day period. Some companies can actually move your belongings in less time. But, the fewer times you can move, the more likely it is that you will have to spend more time at your new home or apartment just to unpack there. In addition, they don’t like it when you are constantly bringing items back and forth from their place of business.

Another question that many people ask is if they can bring their furniture or appliances. Typically, a few rules about moving your things are going to apply here. They aren’t allowed to pack up your appliances unless they are in top condition and they aren’t going to be damaged during transportation. If you have a lot of unique items, like an old treadmill, that you want to keep, then you may want to talk to movers about getting special moving boxes or moving totes so that you can have it with you.

If you follow these simple moving company rules, there should be very little disruption to your life. It will likely even be easier than you imagined. But, if you’re asking any of these questions, then you may be wondering about other potential concerns. Always talk to a moving company before you make any permanent decisions about your move.