Many people who are looking for property in Turkey opt to buy apartments, villas or houses at luxury developments within the country’s popular coastal resorts, but they would be wise to consider investing in Istanbul real estate. The city is currently witnessing a boom that has put it on track to becoming Europe’s largest metropolis, and its value as an investment destination is only set to increase further still.

A strategic trading point between Asia and Europe (the Bosphorus Strait), Istanbul has been a natural magnet for civilisation since the days of the Roman Empire.

Istanbul has played host to a succession of empires, including the Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans – who made it their capital in 1453. It was under Ottoman rule that the city expanded from its old bounds near Galata all the way up to what is now Beyoğlu. The first district as one enters from the sea is called Eminönü and this, where you will find historic Sultanahmet right next door , used to be an integral part of Constantinople’s commercial centre.

The Bosphorus Strait which divides Europe from Anatolia served as a key waterway between these two important historical commercial hubs of Istanbul, and this continues to be the case today.

One key development in a modern context was when a bridge was opened in 1973 between Asia and Europe, which had previously been separated by ferry journeys from one side to the other. This is the Bosphorus Bridge (often known as The First Bridge) that connected Sarayburnu on the European coast with Beylerbeyi on the Asian coast – these two points are also two of the main favourable entry points into Istanbul from across Turkey’s borders.

The current population of Istanbul according to statistics is around 15 million, which makes it by far Turkey’s most populous city – accounting for more than a quarter of its total inhabitants). By 2030 it is predicted to reach 20 million people.

The wealth of the city may be gauged by the fact that it is home to more than 70 billionaires (the most in Turkey) and many well known international companies have offices within its boundaries; including Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Intel, BP Oil International Ltd., Siemens, Motorola and JPMorgan Chase. Two additional factors that make Istanbul particularly attractive are that almost all the main universities are situated there (including American Robert College), plus its population has one of highest literacy rates in Turkey.

Biggest district at first glance should be easily discernible as Sultanahmet – this was the historic centre during Ottoman Empire reign – now hosts all major historical sites includingia Sophia museum / old orthodox patriarchal basilica / aya sofia museum & Blue mosque.

This is currently the most cost effective district for buying property for self-use or as an investment – rentals yield is approximately 5-10% annually depending on whether apartment is just let out or refurbished, but it’s good to note that number of tourists visiting Istanbul increase yearly and this causes prices to rise with inflation.

Istanbul real estate market at current stage works well for both – tenants and investors due to high demand and low supply levels – also if you plan on renting your property for longer periods, there are numerous opportunities to lock in favorable 3 year contracts (which can be extended further) thus avoiding any sudden price surges/fluctuations during bulk of your initial 3 years.

Sultanahmet district is home to many major blue chip hotels (such as Swissotel) and also where most tourists stay throughout their visit, which means that they will be close by for most of the time – so you can expect high occupancy rates, especially during summer months / religious holidays / weekends, but less demand during winter months.

You should always try and buy property in a location that you yourself would prefer to live in – this will ensure increased rental yields and increased selling price upon resale .

Being such a cosmopolitan and international city with key businesses operating from its streets , Istanbul also offers, due to its favourable geographical positioning, excellent investment opportunities outside Sultanahmet historic centre.

Istanbul has become major regional business hub , especially for trading purposes.