p class=”western” align=”justify”>The discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill back in 1848 was the starting point. Ever since, gold seekers, both amateurs and pros alike, throng over to try their hand (and luck) and striking the Mother Lode. No questions about the opulence that California enjoys in terms of gold resources. The northern region is where the most gold finds have been reported.

In fact the region is cited as one of the most gold yielding areas of the world. If you’re considering looking for famous gold mines in California that are for sale, chances are you are just 2 to 3 hours of a drive away from finding the place you desire.

Before specifying the top offers surfacing nowadays, a general overview of the most ‘possible-find’ areas has been given below. These areas are where the majority of the gold lies.


Far north of California

Known as the Northern Mines, this area is somewhat isolated because of the distance and other prospective options available nearby. It is situated just below the Oregon border. If the topography be looked at, one can assume it is an extension of Oregon’s own gold pocket.

North California; the Mother Lode

The Sierra Nevada belt is where it all started. The gold rush was triggered and a lot of people got what they came for. In this state, gold can be found at almost every other place. A testament to this area is the fact that the gold found here is unmatched by anywhere else in the US.

South California

Climate limitations have caused this area to be a less visited one. Apart from that water limitations make only the use of metal detectors and dry washers as ideal. While summers might not be the right time, winter definitely sees many coming over to the hills.

Famous mining sites for sale

The Rich Gulch

This mine boasts a reserve of gold which can be mined and is valued at close to half a billion dollars. Apart from that, with almost 75,000 feet of drilling done, close to 430,000 ounces of silver deposits are also present. 12 claims have been made and the area is well known historically for its mining returns. Coming over to facilities, water is available in abundance. Power comes from nearby and same goes for rail. To top it all off, past records and reports including drilling data is also available.

Downieville Gold Mine

With close to $260 million worth of gold reserves on land stretching up to 120 acres, this project doesn’t fail to catch one’s attention. Although permissions haven’t been granted for mining, no issues are anticipated either. Furthermore, nuggets have been found as well with the largest recorded being 90oz.

Trail Creek Mines

Termed as one of the best prospects for mining; Trail Creek is a project with excellent yield if you agree with its offerings. Easy access roads, a historical stream of gold with currently hundred thousands of ounces estimated in gold; what more could one ask for?

All in all, California presents itself as a viable option for mining operations. Consider the best option, match with others in terms of price and you’re good to go. Don’t worry about an investment either, mines sell here like hot cakes so you’re not stuck with your purchase either.