From the front to the back of your cerebrum sparks of electricity shoot through. A myriad of images, words, and thoughts unfold like opened folded paper. An empty home that was bare of anything of your own, sat waiting for your arrival. Days, months, years passed and things happened here – the comfy couch where you and your friends watched a horror movie together, the kitchen when one year ago you dropped chips all over the cleaned floor, the bedroom where you combated dust bunnies that collected under your bed with the best robot vacuum, and you and your family sighed relief after cleaning the living room, only for the dog to enter, shaking flung dirt all over the area. It’s time to pack up once more and go elsewhere, but as you scan your clean abode you realize there’s dirt and debris on the floor. You can’t sell a home without persuading its future occupants of why this house is better than the many others out there. It is essential to keep a home clean and tidy, so it’s important to have a great vacuum that can do the job. As you roll out that vacuum, there are other tips to keeping a cleaned home in such a short time.

The kitchen can be cleaned quickly for up to four and half minutes daily. For such a room, it’s essential to maintain a cleaned counter and sink as this reinforces you to either place dirty dishes into the washer or clean them immediately to avoid stacking. After you have wiped down the stove tops and counters that take two minutes to complete, use a vacuum for two minutes on the floor – since kitchens have either linoleum or hardwood, it’s best to use a vacuum that either lacks a brush or has the on/off brush roller. The brush will both scratch the hardwood and spread dirt everywhere. Vacuums like the Bissell PowerEdge (81L2T) and the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub (FH40010B) are great to use on the kitchen floor.

The bathroom can be cleaned in less than two minutes daily. It’s important, like the kitchen, to keep a cleaned basin and sink that will prompt maintaining a clean bathroom. After you have wiped out the sink, toilet seat and rim, swooshed the toilet bowl with a brush, and wiped the mirrors and faucet, clean the shower doors with a squeegee, and spray the entire shower and curtain with a mist after use. Bathroom floors, like the kitchen, requires same treatment – brushless vacuums or those with the on/off switch like the Shark Navigator Lift Away that has the features of floor adjustment, so rugs on the bathroom floor may be properly cleaned.

The bedroom can be cleaned in six and half minutes daily. It’s recommended that before or after a shower to have a smooth sheet and plumped pillows as this will prompt you to keep a clean and tidy home. After you have folded and hanged clothing, made the bed, and straighten the night table’s surface bring out the vacuum. Features in vacuums that should be factored are those with long, flexible, extendable wands for the ceilings so dirt and debris on the corners and fans are suctioned. Make sure to have a brush attachment, so dirt that has cling to furniture can be loosened and suctioned. Make several passes with the vacuum on the floor, so through every pass more dirt and debris is picked up. At least have vacuums that are 12 AMPS or greater like the Bissell Upright vacuum (9595), Helix Plus (22C1), and the Kenmore Progressive canister (21514).

The family, foyer, and living rooms can be cleaned in six minutes daily. Fluff the pillows and clean the throws on your sofa. It’s recommended that you start with the sofa as messy sofa will throw off any room, usually being the largest furniture in the area. After cushions have been fluffed, newspapers discarded, and coffee-tables cleared, it’s time to bring out the vacuum. Regarding vacuums it’s to treat a room in the same manner as the bedroom – a flexible and extendable wand, various tools to clean tight areas, and a powerful suction to collect as much dust and debris as possible with every pass. For those smaller areas and furniture cleaning it’s best to use the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser that’s handheld. The handheld is easier to carry and hold while not relying on larger vacuums that can take time to move and change tools – remember time is not on your side here. While doing this, if there’s hardwood flooring and you’re doing furniture, you can use the Mint Automatic Hard Floor (4200) cleaner (or other robot vacuums) to clean, reducing workload.

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