Modern architectural designs are now on the rise as more and more homeowners are searching for newer, more artistic, and more energy-efficient roofing systems. Roofers Canton Michigan will usually suggest a contemporary roofing system because of its timeless but simplistic nature. Today, you will learn more about these common and popular styles of modern roofing systems you can choose from.

Concrete or Clay Roofs

Even though tile roofs are often an expensive investment, particularly if you go for clay instead of concrete tiles, they provide a long list of exciting benefits. Some of these include improved curb appeal, better durability, increased energy efficiency, fire safety, low maintenance, and longevity, just to name a few.

Clay tiles are formed by baking the molded clay. The density of tiles depends on the duration and temperature during the baking process. Some of the most popular colors of clay tile include brown, white, yellow, orange, and the most contemporary and commonly used color is none other than Terra Cotta.

On the other hand, concrete tiles are often made of sand, water, and cement. After these three are combined, the blocks of tile are molded under heat and high pressure. Concrete tiles can mimic other types of roofing materials including wood shake, clay tiles, stone, and slate.


Metals are among the most sustainable kinds of roofing materials that you can find in the market right now. Aside from being made from recycled materials, metal roofs can be recycled as well after they fulfilled their use. Roofers Canton Michigan can also install a metal roof in an existing roof. These roofs are beautiful, low maintenance, versatile, and durable. Some of the most famous metal roofing tiles are those made of aluminum, zinc, copper, tin, and steel.


Slate is usually overlooked since many homeowners are not aware of its true value and capabilities. Aside from being resistant to water and extremely durable, the naturally cleft surface of slate offers a stunning variation of colors across the entire roofing system. Slate is composed of natural stone that indicates that the tiles will not emit pollutants during the process of manufacturing. These tiles could also be recycled in case they already outlived your house.

Fiber Cement Roofs

Originally used as siding material, fiber cement is now gaining an increasing popularity as among the best options for roofing. This is made of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. The attention that it is now receiving from homeowners is all because of its ability to endure the different weather conditions in the area as this can hold up well against the harsh elements.

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