A big part of selling real estate is protection: the idea of safety. The day will come when you will depart from a home you have lived in for quite some time. The boxes stack neatly on top of one another like pancakes, ready to be easily stored in a truck.

The floors are much cleaner than usual as well as furniture strategically set up to make small rooms appear large. While selling a home with the right real estate agent can be easy, there are risks that you may encounter a criminal along the way. Even though it’s quite rare, it is better to keep safe with the checklist below.

First, never leave a message on your answering machine informing callers that you will not be in your home. Instead, it’s better to leave a message that informs callers that you’re currently unavailable.
Thieves are more than likely to rob a home that’s empty than a home where the owners are currently occupying. Second, if you find yourself in the position of being unable to more valuables, hire a security guard.

Third, unless you have a name, number, and other important information about the buyer, do not set up an appointment with them. Make sure the number they’re using can be verified.

Fourth, when expecting a crowd, have friends and relatives help out. If the crowd overwhelms your volunteers then direct some of them to wait outside before a future tour. Fifth, don’t park your car in a garage as you may block your exit. Sixth, carry a cell phone that has a single button that has easy access to inform police in case of an emergency. Seventh, place all of your valuables in a safe.

A safe that’s dependable would be a SentrySafe X055 Security Safe. For easy and quick access the safe has an electronic lock with an override key in case anything malfunctions. You can place your firearm, important documents, and other valuables in such a safe with no concern of prohibited eyes and hands from