The open house date is coming up on the calendar as you look at the red “x” on each date leading to it. There are some things that need to be done, so pull up a checklist to get the home sold and buy a new one. The first to do is to get rid of any clutter that’s your belongings.

Such an error as clutter in homes can be a damper regarding selling a home. If there’s no more room to store your belongings in the home like an attic or basement, try renting a portable pod or storage unit.

Second, it’s time to give your home a bath from the outside like a pressure washer to do the bricks and siding. One can purchase a hose attachment at home improvement stores.

Third, rid rain gutters of debris, while cleaning outside windows, and screens thoroughly. The first thing that most customers look at is the outside of the home, just as much as the first part people judge about others is their outward appearance.

Fourth, if the door of your home appears as something from the Twilight Zone, it’s a great idea to repaint it. Also, to replace any outdated lighting fixtures. On the note of outside fixtures, if home numbers are either fading or dated, replace them, in addition of adding them on curbs.

Last but not least, regarding the outside, buy a new “welcome” mat.

Sixth, inside the home, believe it or not, buys may look inside closets and drawers, so organize them well. If the furniture clutters the room it will turn buyers away quicker than rotting fish at a fish market. Move furniture around the room, so that the room looks larger than it already is.

Seventh, scrub kitchens and bathroom floors, cabinets, toilets, and everything in the rooms.

The eighth thing on the list is to pack up valuables and store them somewhere safe. Your glasses, money, watches, and video games should be out of sight. The last thing you would want is your survival knives that cost $80 to be stolen.

Last, but not least on this entire check list, spray air neutralizer often, so your home comes off as incredibly inviting to buyers.