Blistering sun, wind, ice, and snow are just some of the main elements that can affect your roof throughout the year. Even though most roofs can last many decades with proper care and maintenance, it is a must that you keep yourself educated and aware of some of the key warning signs that indicate that it is time to hire roofing contractors Birmingham, Michigan. Make sure that you call your trusted local roofing company for maintenance and repairs once you notice any of the signs below.

Missing, Buckling, or Curling Shingles

You need to give immediate attention to an excessive number of missing, buckling, or curling shingles because this can make your house more and more vulnerable to the different weather elements. Issues with the shingles can let water get into your roof and cause some serious damages such as mildew and mold growth. Given the right conditions and environment, it only takes 48 hours for mold to grow. This means that when you notice that your roof has broken at some areas, you have to get it fixed at the soonest time possible.

Wet Spots on Ceilings and Walls

Wet spots on your home’s ceilings and walls are a sure indication that water has already penetrated your roofing system. These stains of water are not just unsightly as they can also increase the risks of mold growth within the framework of your house. Before you know it, mold can cause major structural damages with no remediation, and worse, it even poses a respiratory danger. This can then lead to sneezing, coughing, headaches, and rashes.

Granules of Shingles in Gutters

If your roof is already over 20 years old and you notice some granules on the ground or in the gutters, it means that the shingles are already past their intended expiration date. It is always better to hire roofing contractors Birmingham Michigan who can replace your roof now instead of having to wait for more problems to take place in the long run.

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is that thin strip of metal that protects more sensitive areas of the roof from water. If this wears out after some time or it is not installed properly, sooner or later, there will be water leaks and wet spots around your home.

Blistering Exterior Paint

Lack of or insufficient ventilation in the crawl space or attic can cause moisture to gather near the roofline. It can then result to peeling or blistering exterior paint. Although this problem might also be the result of a faulty gutter system, it is highly recommended to call your local roofing contractor right away.

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house as this protects you and all your belongings from the elements. If you ever notice any of the above signs, it is imperative to call the best roofing contractors Birmingham Michigan immediately to make sure that you wouldn’t deal with more expensive and serious home repairs in the future.

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