I am telling you, it is no surprise that the designer wallpapers are an ongoing trend for the last few years. The today’s patterns are far from what it was back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. The reason why wallpaper became such a success? The relatively inexpensive price of course. Combine that with remarkable pattern and motifs and you’ve got the reason for the success of wallpapers.

It is definitely not possible to be not inspired by a designer wallpaper. Piet Hein is a famous dutch designer and went international with his famous scrapwood wallpaper. For his collection he has managed to emulate real planks of wood on paper for the wallcovering. The scrapwood collection is a perfect solution for an unique and warm look and feel. Even though the collection has also a variation of vintage options. The multi-colour scrapwood has a vintage look that brings you straight back to the ’70s and ‘80s. The 8 different options are based on the ‘waste’ furniture collection.

Piet Hein introduced a new collection with the company NLXL. They introduced “Materials”, comprising 8 contemporary designs. Which became an enormous success.

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Paint or wallpapers?

You’re still trying to decide between paint and wallpapers? Let me tell you about the benefits of wallpapers. We already mentioned before that wallpapers are an easy and least expensive way to transform a space without using many elements.

Not many people would know it but using wallpapers is also really effective for the durability of your wall. Some research discovered that the use of wallpapers on the wall could last for 10 years, minimum. The solid colour of the wallpaper adds a protective layer to your wall that is cleanable and washable.

Washable wallpapers are perfect for different spaces like: living room, dining room, bedroom and the kitchen. Therefore a damp cloth is the perfect solution to get rid of the dirt.

Easy wallpaper installation?

People often wonder how to put the wallpaper on their wall without getting stuck. Of course they are not all really easy to install. It is important to read the specification before buying. The traditional way was to soak the wallpaper into water. With the new wallpaper technology you apply paste directly to the wall and hang the wallpaper dry.

So if you would ask me? Wallpaper is a great solution and very important for the long lasting condition of your walls. Therefore with all the different patterns, colours and motifs it is a good option for different spaces.

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