Let’s welcome, a quaint 3-room apartment, airy, bright, and a blessing that brought luck to its owner. It is over 700 square feet in size. This sea-facing apartment with a windy breeze is stellar. It’s situated in Singapore, a sovereign island city-state in maritime Southeast Asia. 

Kitchen & dining

The flat owner has employed a kitchen that has warm white coloring, equipped with modern kitchen appliances, piped gas, and floor to ceiling wall tiles that make it ideal for light cooking.
In this flat apartment, the owner & family doesn’t have to worry about a slow internet. An installed Gigabit internet fibre line with immense bandwidth made browsing, HDTV watching & internet video streaming experience enjoyable and comforting. 


There are two bedrooms with air conditioning appliances, styled and upgraded lighting systems that give rooms an enthralling glow. Besides, there are perfect enclosed rooms with wall bracket Televisions, powerful ceiling fans with integrated LED energy-saving lighting, a standard size computer table, and a bookcase cabinet. There is an open ceiling to floor wardrobe as well.  All these coupled with the tranquility within the region, make for the owner-occupant to have a pleasant stay on Singapore island. It’s cleverly thought that one could stay untroubled at home, whether it be calamity or crisis.

House character

 The owner has integrated features such as a separate water closet and bathroom with a water-saving mechanism. The house interior has been infused with character by personal art choices gained from holidays abroad which add to the cozy look & provide perspective when making decisions. Outfacing Bougainvillea plants sit strategically in the open corridor space, the interiors have Italian terrazzo marble flooring which tiles the bedrooms and central hall. The kitchen, toilet & bathrooms have ceramic flooring. All this according to the home owner and family makes for the look of a welcoming home, making anyone happy to stay within the four walls of the apartment. 


The apartment is situated in the prestigious Marine Parade area overlooking the sea, closely connected to the beach and an expressway to Singapore’s central business district. It’s proximity to Changi Airport, ample security, proximity to main shopping centers, 24-hrs food court and supermarket, bus and upcoming train line connections made it an ideal choice for the owner, as it’s a convenient short trip from the airport. The flat owner manages a business & a healthcare practice overseas & is proud to reconnect with Singapore, his birth island.

Owner’s house opinion

The owner appreciates the condition of the apartment since it is a financially convenient option to stay in a hotel, it’s a purchase that brought luck, tranquility & happiness to both him & his family consisting of his wife & two adult sons. It is a well maintained and managed housing estate,which provided very little trouble when lying vacant. The owner cites a mentally calming view to the sea which can relieve the mind of anxiety and strain. The owner & his family purchased the flat 21 years ago in 1999, after the 1997 Asian financial crisis, where the market had seen the peak of it’s pricing. Now after 21 years in 2020, the owner & his spouse are now approaching retirement & his children, young adults headed into their professional life, later are due to get married. This flat won’t be able to contain them. The flat may be put on sale & would have to upgrade to a larger apartment. This flat is well suited for singles & couples not having children, as it’s a small space to stay & live together. Hope, you enjoyed the peek into the home apartment in Marine Drive, Singapore

Enquires contact: Mr. Devan
Phone number: +6591172424