New or second-hand housing? This is one of the eternal dilemmas posed by the demand for a home before buying. And although in recent years the second-hand offer has been the protagonist in the market, the brand new product has positioned itself in an important way thanks to its multiple advantages.

According to the study ‘New-build buyer profile 2017-2018’ carried out by the real estate portal Fotocasa, the percentage of buyers of new-build homes has increased considerably in the last year to reach 29% of the total. In addition, the proportion of those only looking for new homes has doubled in one year, from 8% to 15% as say the real estate agency alquiler piso nuevos barcelona

Among the current buyers of new-build homes identified by this company, young people stand out: 39% of the total were between 25 and 34 years old and 34% between 35 and 44 years old. At this point, the key question necessarily arises: why does new-build housing seduce and conquer the buyer? As Fotocasa points out in its report, we are going to discuss ‘the whys and wherefores of new construction’.

Goodbye to uncomfortable renovations

The main factor that motivates the purchase of a newly built home, cited by 43% of current buyers, is that it does not need renovations, ahead of the argument that this type of housing is more suited to their needs (wielded by 30%).

New-build housing does not need refurbishment

The best qualities (29%), the additional services and communal areas (24%) – garage, storage room, swimming pool, paddle tennis court, etc., such as those offered by AEDAS Homes developments – and the location (22%) are the next three virtues that make new-build homes the object of demand.

In sixth place, buyers value the fact that a property under construction allows them to save money (17%) during the construction period in order to be able to pay the down payment. Next, 16% of buyers value the fact that a new house is a guarantee of compliance with regulations. The same percentage also prefers that no one else has lived in their home.

Closing this list of strong points of new construction, 15% of buyers believe that buying a home off-plan makes it easier to access flats that would be more expensive if they were already built. Finally, 13% opt for a brand new home rather than a used one because it is easier to choose the property they want (height, type, etc.). We offer both flats and villas, as well as penthouses and ground floor apartments with gardens.the thrill of watching the foundations grow, laying the bricks or placing the windows. With second-hand homes this process is not possible.

Personalise the design

Newly acquired properties make it possible to participate in the design by personalising the home. Depending on the needs, tastes and economic capacity of the client, this is what their new home will be like by choosing the quality of the finishes and even the layouts. You have the right to ask for the plans of the house and the details of the dimensions, as well as to know the materials to be used and the distribution of the spaces. This is the ideal option to agree with the developer how you would like to receive the home.