Getting your home ready for potential buyers to come and view it can prove to be a stressful time. However, if you want to get your home sold fast and for the right sort of money, then you have to be prepared to get it in pristine condition so that people want to buy it before they actually view it in person. Below are a few essential tips that will help you get your house noticed and sold in record time.


Curb appeal is crucial when selling your property fast

De-cluttering is Essential but Keep it Looking Homely

You need to de-clutter your home however, make sure it still looks warm, welcoming and homely. With this said tidying up the inevitable accumulation of objects and things that seem to end up in all the nooks and crannies is a very good plan. One thing you should avoid doing is hiding it all away in cupboards, better to pack it all up in boxes and storing it with family or friends until you more into your new place – remember people will want to look in cupboards!

The important thing is to give your home a makeover so it’s well presented because people coming to view it will want to see the sort of space they are going to get for their money. This includes the attic, the garage, the cupboards and how big each of the rooms are. However, your home still needs to look like a “home” and not some show house that lacks any sort of character or personality. Many people are not only looking to buy a new property but they are also seeking to “buy” into a new lifestyle.

One very good way of de-cluttering and giving the impression that rooms are larger is to remove any big furniture items and replace them with smaller ones – this is a great strategy that makes rooms appear larger, airier and roomier.

Neutral colours together with less clutter makes for a brilliant first impression


A Fresh Coat of Paint Works Wonders

If you need to fix anything around the home, you should do so before putting your house on the market and this includes giving it a thorough “spring clean” and a lick of paint where needed. Neutral colours on walls make rooms lighter, airier and bigger looking. Potential buyers will be able to visualise their own belongings in your home that much easier too. A newly painted front door gives a house lots of valuable curb appeal and this is really important when selling a property and highly recommended by estate agents. The old adage of first impressions count are very true when selling your home.

Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

It’s always a good idea to give kitchens a facelift when selling but you don’t have to go mad and fit a complete new kitchen because it would be impossible to know what other people might want. The important thing is to ensure any little repairs are done and this includes filling in all the holes in the walls, replacing any cracked tiles and replacing any old carpet or flooring if needed.

Surfaces have to be clear of everything, sparkling clean and if you need to repair any grouting, then you should do so. Hang fresh tea towels so the kitchen has that “spotless” look to it that buyers find so appealing.

Give Your Bathroom the Once Over

The same applies to bathrooms as it does to kitchens. A gorgeous bathroom and fantastic kitchen have been known to clinch a sale which means it’s really important for your bathroom to be a room that potential buyers would love to spend a relaxing time in.


Getting a property in fantastic shape so it sells quickly for the right money might take a bit of effort and planning. However, the effort is very worthwhile because whoever comes to view your home will be instantly impressed.

Remember it is often the little details that count so making sure that windowsills are dust-free, windows are sparkling clean and the first thing people see is a tidy front garden or entrance, will make the sort of impression you had been hoping for when it comes to selling your home.


Image credits: JulesWH and Quiltingsusy