Flooring can easily make or break a home’s overall aesthetics. In fact, even the most beautiful houses can turn into ugly living spaces because of poor choices in carpeting and cheap-looking tiles. On top of that, replacing worn down or damaged flooring comes at an expensive price. While flooring styles change less fluidly and less often than other aspects of home décor, still, they remain to be subject to different new trends. As far as flooring is concerned, there are just a few choices that are affordable, durable, attractive, and probably even timeless. The perfect examples of these are none other than antique tiles.

Antique tiles or also called encaustic cement tiles and Spanish tiles are your best option to make your house stand out from the rest. These tiles also let you showcase your unique vision for interior decoration.

Versatility at Its Finest

Antique tiles are now available in a plethora of patterns and colors to meet your personal design preferences. What makes these tiles very interesting is that you can apply them on the flooring anywhere in your home, whether it is in your bathroom, porch, entryway, kitchen, or anywhere you feel like you can use some splash of texture and natural color.

One of the biggest benefits you will surely love about these Spanish tiles UK lies in the fact that you are completely in control of how you will use them. This paves way to several truly creative applications in all types of homes. This means that you can use your own creativity and imagination as to how you wish to use antique tiles.

Durability, Beauty and Quality That Stood the Test of Time

Encaustic cement tiles have been designed with different high strain situations, allowing them to be considered as durable flooring option through the years. Antique tiles don’t stain that easily and are also slow to wear down. When used for outdoor applications, they can also face and endure harsh elements with no problem at all.

Reliable makers of antique tiles hand press each cement tiles themselves to ensure that every individual tile keeps up with their stringer quality standards. When made properly and correctly, encaustic cement tiles can easily last for many years. The good news is that the rich colors and mesmerizing patterns of encaustic cement tiles never go out of trend and style.

Budget-Friendly Flooring Option

Just like with other kinds of quality flooring, it is only expected that you will be curious how much you will be paying for antique tiles. By working with a reputable maker of antique tiles, you can be sure that you will be getting quality tiles for your flooring at the most competitive prices.

With every hand-pressed encaustic cement tile comes that promise of style, resilience and quality. Whether you plan to use these tiles in your entryway, patio, kitchen, or bathroom, you can ensure that you will be creating a one of a kind area that truly stands out.

Let your imagination and creativity shine with Spanish tiles UK!