Currently, there are many young families who want to rent villa in Vinhomes Riverside just need to move in. But they do not know which unit to choose to hire. This article, we will provide a prestigious and reasonably priced Vinhomes Riverside villa rental unit.

1. Vinhomes Riverside Villa – the most livable place in Hanoi.

It is known that Vinhomes Riverside is a synchronous villa complex in District Long Bien invested by Vingroup in Vietnam. This place is considered as the most livable riverside city in the heart of Hanoi.

Coming to this place, customers will experience an authentic and comfortable life with the international-class “All in one” model.

2. What are the outstanding features of Vinhomes Riverside villas compared to other projects in Hanoi?

Surely, when the Vinhomes Riverside was born, everyone dreamed of living here. Because this is a villa with many outstanding features that few projects have:

– Vinhomes Riverside have a total investment of up to VND 10,000 billions

This is a project with a huge total investment compared to projects in the inner city. With this investment, Vinhomes Riverside has brought an ideal living space with modern and quality infrastructure.

– Vinhomes Riverside is the only project with an artificial river

This is the first project that we encounter with an artificial river surrounding the entire Vinhomes Riverside villa area. The presence of an artificial river has recreated a poetic natural picture.

Not only helps to regulate the air around the area. This river is also a wonderful place of relaxation. People can sit and fish, admire the scenery, … help bring back childhood memories.

– Vinhomes Riverside has a unique design style

Vinhomes Riverside villa area has European design from many countries such as Italy, Greece, France, Indochina combined with traditional Asian features.

Most of the villas are designed with open space, optimizing the use area. Helps to make the room airy, creating conditions for wind and light to flow in the most natural way. Bringing people closer to nature.

– Vinhomes Riverside has a large green park.

Vinhomes Riverside is very focused on investment in regional landscape. Here, there is a large park with many different models such as: tree system, walking path, amusement park, sports field, flower garden, … Bringing a fresh atmosphere, a Fun space for everyone.

– Vinhomes Riverside – named of the flowers

Another impressive thing to mention is that each villa area at Vinhomes Riverside is named after a flower. Create the feeling of living in a colorful flower garden with different names:

  • – Milk flower villa
  • – Orchid villa
  • – Mansion with mausoleum
  • – Cherry Mansion
  • – Sunflower villa
  • – Laurel villa
  • – Orchid villa
  • – Tulip villa

3. Vinhomes Riverside villa for rent with full furniture

Vinhomes Riverside Hanoi is the most prestigious fully furnished Vinhomes Riverside villa rental unit, with the most suitable price. Because this is a unit specializing in providing transfer and rental services for Vinhomes Riverside villas directly from the investor. Therefore, customers can rest assured, trust and cooperate. Coming to Vinhomes Riverside, customers will receive free consultation with the most authentic information.