Living in a foreign country poses certain challenges, but answering the question “where is the best place to live in Costa Rica?” can be relatively simple if you know where to look. This part of the western country is an ideal locale for expats and Costa Rica real estate investors. The relatively small size of this country allows for plenty of real estate opportunities that are both domestic and abroad, and a Costa Rican vacation is something no one should miss out on. When it comes to living in a foreign country, the choices are almost limitless, but finding Costa Rica real estate opportunities that are both affordable and attractive can be difficult. Contact Coldwell Banker Costa Rica to begin the process.

One reason why living in Costa Rica is such a great option is because the cost of living is extremely low. Average annual salaries in Costa Rica are around forty dollars, which is well below the average salary of over sixty dollars in the United States. This low cost of living makes it easy for families to live on relatively modest means and send their children to excellent educational institutions without breaking the bank. In addition to the low cost of living, other aspects of life in Costa Rica to make it a great choice for working and vacationing families.

Costa Rica’s political structure is stable, and the country’s borders are porous and open to visitors and foreign investors. In other words, there is no internal border as such but rather an external one made up of extensive barriers that make entering the country extremely difficult. For this reason, many expats and Costa Rica real estate investors choose to build homes and condos on the beach, near the international airport, in the mountains or in other safe locations. Costa Rica real estate offers an excellent selection of housing options from secluded beachside villas to high-rise apartment buildings. The combination of affordability and relative safety makes living in Costa Rica a popular choice among retirees and young couples alike.

If you are looking for a steady job and want to start a family while you are living in Costa Rica, then the country’s central region might be the perfect place for you. Central America and the Caribbean are filled with rich cultures and civilizations. The combination of historical museums, beautiful sunsets and lush green mountains makes this part of the world a perfect place to raise a family. Costa Rica real estate prices are affordable, making it easy to get a mortgage and purchase your dream home.

If you are interested in retiring to a tropical destination that offers luxurious living, beachfront accommodations, and golfing on a lush golf course, then the north-western coast of Costa Rica may be a perfect place for you. This area of Costa Rica offers excellent retirement opportunities such as warm climate, clean air, and ample sunshine hours. Costa Rica real estate is often inexpensive, which makes it easy to get a mortgage and purchase a home. With the combination of a tropical climate, abundant sunshine hours, and world class golf courses, you will find that this area of Costa Rica is ideal for retirees looking to enjoy life to its fullest.

Costa Rica is not only known for its warm and friendly people, but also for its beautiful scenery. Whether you are looking to retire to a tropical vacation resort, or to retire to the rainforest, Costa Rica has everything for you. With plenty to do and see, it is no wonder why many retirees choose this destination for their retirement. Costa Rica real estate will allow you to live the life you dreamed of while working from the convenience of your own home. With the combination of beautiful landscapes, clean air, and great retirement opportunities, you will not regret choosing Costa Rica for your next adventure in life.